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Creek Legacy Ranch Trains Next Generation of Equestrians with Horse Summer Camp

Creek Legacy Ranch Trains Next Generation of Equestrians with Horse Summer Camp

by James Coulter

Photo by Hayley Baxter

Summer vacation has arrived. What are your children doing for their break? Do you want them to do more than vegetate in front of the television and stare at their smart phones? Then how about getting them into the great outdoors with horseback riding?

Creek Legacy Ranch recently started hosting summer camps for horseback riding, not only allowing children to appreciate the great Florida outdoors, but also learn the age-old art of horseback riding.

In a time when riding horses is something that people only do in movies and television shows, these horse camps are teaching children how to mount, ride, and tend to their own steeds.

Hayley Baxter, granddaughter of Reggie Baxter, owner of Creek Legacy Ranch, has been carrying on her family tradition of horseback riding. Her grandfather had previously performed in various rodeos, while she has been riding since elementary school. She has utilized her experience at various competitions and summer camps.

“I have ridden for 10 years,” she said. “I have worked for several summer camps myself. I started out with two every year, which is great. [Now] I have started this and it has been really good.”

Located near Haines City, Creek Legacy Ranch sits on 1,400 acres of rugged wilderness, teaming with woodlands, Everglade wetlands, and countless Floridian flora and fauna. Of that wilderness, 700 acres are dedicated as an equestrian center where you can board, pasture, and ride your horse.

The center includes a lit arena for horseback riding. They will also rent out eight stables on a full-board basis and pasture up to 40 to 50 horses. Private paddocks and stables will also be available.

With her grandfather revitalizing Creek Legacy Ranch, she wanted to utilize the property and her expertise by operating her own summer camp for children. The first week drew in six campers, and the second drew in 11, with the next week expecting eight more, she said.

“It has excelled my expectations,” she said. “I did not expect this many people and this many campers loving it. We had a lot of repeats. I was afraid we would have some bumps in the road, but everyone loves it so far, which is why we decided to add another week.”

Aside from teaching campers how to ride horses, the camp also teaches them valuable skills such as teamwork and communication, which not only prepares them for horseback riding, but for overall social interactions.

“We teach them all around with the outdoors and have them see what they cannot normally see on a regular basis,” she said. “I think it has been going amazing. We have such amazing campers that are so willing to learn and who are really interested. I know they are going to excel and I think it will be great to see generations of coming out.”

Anyone interested in allowing their children to step outside and appreciate the great outdoors are welcome to sign up their children for future camps. “It is a great opportunity to let your kids see something different, something they may not see all the time, and give them an opportunity to meet a lot of new friends with ranch life and give them a new hobby.”

To learn more about Creek Legacy Ranch and future camps and events, visit their website at: https://creeklegacyranch.com/

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