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National Adopt A Cat Month- Polk County Sheriff’s Office Encouraging Community To Adopt

Polk County Sheriff’s Office

It’s #NationalAdoptACatMonth and it just so happens that the PCSO Animal Control folks have plenty of fine felines just waiting for a good #FurEverHome.

Single? How about a kitty sidekick?

Newlyweds? We have cats that would be thrilled to be your first family member.

Big family? No worries—cats don’t take up much space and they don’t even need a place at the dinner table.

Retired? Cats are practically born retired.

Basically, what we’re saying is, come in to the PCSO Animal Control and adopt your new #PFF (#PurrfectFriendFurever) today!

PCSO @Polk County Animal Control -Florida


WhereDoYouLineUpToPayForYourCat #InTheFeeLine

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