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Balmoral Resort Goes To Dogs With Bow Wow Pageant

Balmoral Resort Goes To Dogs With Bow Wow Pageant

by James Coulter

Riley is a German Shepherd mix. To her owner, Haines City resident, Donna Flores, she’s almost like a second daughter.

“Overall, she is one big spoiled pup,” Flores said.

Riley loves singing—or rather, she loves to hear her owners sing, even when their singing isn’t the best.

“She loves to be sung to,” Flores said. “One of the funniest things about the house is that she gets sung to a lot, even though we are not the best singers.”

Upon seeing an advertisement for the event on Facebook, Riley and her family decided to visit the Balmoral Resort Bow Wow Pageant on Sunday. She and her family had been stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis, so an event like this permitted them the opportunity to get out of the house.

The dog was dressed in a pink robe, while Donna’s daughter, Leila, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. They all had a lot of fun being able to participate that day. She even won first place with a prize of a basket of doggy treats.

“It has been awesome,” Donna said. “She was a good dog. And she just loved the attention and making new friends.”

Donna especially loved the food served at the resort bar and grill. Overall, they considered it a great experience, and will certainly consider returning for other events.

“We are definitely going to be coming back here overall because it is a nice calm family-friendly are,” she said.

Nearly a dozen pupper doggos and their families arrived at the Balmoral Bar and Grill on Sunday for the Bow Wow Pageant. Attendees were able to dress up their pets in costumes and have them perform tricks for a chance to win prizes. Despite the rainy weather, the outdoor event drew in a sizable crowd.

The event that afternoon helped demonstrate the resort’s dog-friendly atmosphere. Not only are people allowed to bring their furry four-footed friends to the bar and grill, but special pet menu items like doggy ice cream and hamburger patties can be ordered.

“It was a really fun day,” said Amber. “We want to make people aware that we are a dog-friendly establishment…I just enjoyed our owners bringing out their dogs and talking about their dogs, having a great event amidst COVID-19 and being able to enjoy being outside.”

For more information about other upcoming events at Balmoral Resort, visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/balmoralbarandgrill/

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