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Learn How To Survive Homework At Free Workshop At Huntington Learning Center

Learn How To Survive Homework At Free Workshop At Huntington Learning Center

by James Coulter

Is your child having problems with their report card? Does making them do their homework feel as difficult as pulling teeth? Wish there was a better way for them to complete their school work without all the headache and hassle?

If you and your children are looking for better ways to get their homework done, then visit the Huntington Learning Center on Sat., Apr. 6, at 2 p.m. for their workshop: “Homework: A Parent’s Guide For Survival.”

This workshop, which is free and open to the public, will teach both parents and children tips and techniques on getting their homework accomplished on time, all while ensuring that their hard work earns them good grades.

Parents will learn how they become more involved with their children’s school so that they understand what their school expects of them and how their children can meet (and potentially exceed) those expectations as to improve their grades.

Meanwhile, students, specifically high school students, will learn how to take their big assignments and break them down into smaller pieces that will allow them to accomplish their big projects on time without wasting time.

“A lot of time, they will have a research paper that is not due for three to five weeks, and that feels like a long time for them, so they don’t get started right away, and then they put it off until it is too late to do that amount of work,” said Kristi Andersen, Huntington Learning Center Director. “And so we are going to teach those high schoolers how to break down those assignments and do those pieces so they stay on track.”

High school students will also be instructed on how and when to get their ACT/SAT scores on time for college admissions. Andersen advises them to take the tests early on in their high school career so they can apply for college when they need to later on.

“Junior year is when you need your ACT and SAT scores, they cannot wait until their senior year because the admission deadlines are mid-year, so they need to be looking at that score their junior and sophomore year,” she explained.

With hundreds of locations in states across the country, Huntington Learning Center is dedicated towards helping students improve their academic skills through tutoring programs personalized towards their individual needs.

“With our tutoring program, our programs here start with a comprehensive academic evaluation, where we can identify our students’ strengths and weaknesses,” Andersen said. “We develop a program that is personalized to them to help fill in those skill gaps.”

Their Lakeland locations regularly hosts workshops and other community events, at least three per month, to help provide parents and students with techniques to improve their educational experiences.

On April 11, they will be hosting an ADHD Workshop that will discuss attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, how the disorder affects education, and offer strategies as to how children with the disorder can better learn.

Huntington also offers a summer reading program that serves almost as a book club for children, recommending books that they can read over the summer to help them retain the education they received during the school year while also enhancing their reading skills.

“Reading comprehension is an issue,” she said. “That affects every subject, so if we fill in those reading skills, then homework becomes more successful, and school time becomes more successful. We average two years of reading and math growth in our learning center programs.”

“Homework: A Parent’s Survival Guide” will be hosted on Sat., Apr. 6, at 2 p.m. at the Huntington Learning Center, located at 6655 S Florida Ave. Site 5, Lakeland, FL 33813.

For more information, visit their website at: https://huntingtonhelps.com/

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