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Late Afternoon Polk County Car Chase Leads To An Arrest

Update From PCSO


Last night, K9 Halas won the Polk County hide-and-seek challenge…..and it all started with a traffic stop!

Just after 6 pm, a Central District deputy conducted a traffic stop on a gold Chevy Tahoe that failed to stop at a stop sign in Auburndale. As the deputy approached the SUV on foot, the driver put it in reverse and tried to run over the deputy (he jumped out of the way and wasn’t hurt, thank goodness). #notcool #aggravatedassaultonaLEO

The Tahoe fled east on US 92 and into Haines City, and stopped at 17/92 and Dyson Rd. The two female passengers in the car stayed put #smart but the male driver took off on foot #notsmart and fled into a wooded area.

Then Deputy Bryant and his K9 partner Halas showed up, and tracked from the SUV into the woods, and found the suspect – Justin Metcalf – hiding under some thick brush. He didn’t surrender, and you know what happened next…….

Metcalf got bitten in the left calf #ouch

He then tried to grab Halas’ collar and pull him off. Yeah, that doesn’t work. They release only on command #nicetry

After being treated for his bite wounds, Metcalf went to jail. He told deputies he fled because he had a warrant for failure to appear, and a suspended license.

A word of advice for anyone considering this type of behavior – the warrant you might already have pales in comparison to fleeing to elude, aggravated assault on a LEO, and battery on a LEO dog.

#PCSO #K9Unit #BryantandHalas #takingabiteoutofcrime

Haines City, Florida – Late Monday afternoon drivers were treated to a chase through Polk County. The conclusion ended on US-92 near Dyson Road. According to readers there were officers from Auburndale Police Department, Haines City Police Department and deputies from Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Carrie Horstman, Polk County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, the suspect of the chase was apprehended eventually by K9. Further details will be released on the Polk County Sheriff’s Office facebook page, according to Horstman. We will update this article when that information has been released.

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