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Grindley Williams Engineering Celebrates Grand Opening With Ribbon Cutting

Grindley Williams Engineering Celebrates Grand Opening WithRibbon Cutting

by James Coulter

Looking for an engineering consultant to assist you with your new construction project? Then consider Grindley Williams Engineering of Lakeland.

Grindley Williams is a Florida-based multi-disciplinary engineering firm focusing on forensic, electrical, plumbing, structural, and geotechnical engineering. Their company currently serves the local insurance industry and local architects and contractors.

With their talented staff of proffesional engineers, their firms isdedicated to offering its clients only the best in every area and aspect of construction. Anything your new building or project requires to undergo a safe and reliable construction, they can offer.

“The oath of every engineer is to, above all other goals, ensure public safety, health and welfare,” their website states. “We strive to provide a diversified menu of engineering services throughout the southeastern U.S. and serve our clients’ needs with this oath as our guiding principle.”

Currently, their focus has mostly been on disaster response, with many projects in the gulf in response to the recent slew of hurricanes and tropical storms. They also have constant construction projects underway locally in support of local growth in Polk County.

Jonathan Williams, business partner with Grindley Williams, was born in Lakeland. He loves the area and wanted to start and grow his own company there.

Most of his success thus far has been due to his proper treatment of his employees. Williams has ensured that the facility and its conditions are to their benefit. The break room is fit with a widescreen television, Nintendo Switch video game console, and even a beer tap.

“We want our employees to enjoy it,” Williams said. “We hope they enjoy it. We hope they feel like it is a second home. That they are relaxed and comfortable when they are here.”

Grindley Williams Engineering celebrated the grand opening of their facility with a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Greater Lakeland Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

Cory Skeates, Lakeland Chmaber CEO & President, commended Williams and his staff on their facility. He was especially envious of the beer tap they had in the break room, commenting on how it proved his employees were in good hand.

Joe Tedder, Chamber Treasurer, likewise commended the business for their lovely facility. He mentioned how proud he was of the company, and how Williams should be proud of the company, especially with the way he treats his staff. This level of commitment has allowed the firm to expand from half a dozen employees previously to 70 as of now, Tedder said.

“I have spoken with your staff,” Tedder said. “They are singing your praises, not only of the hard work that you do, but of the way that you treat them and your staff. So you really built a heck of a team here.”

Matt Clark, Chamber Chair of the Board, like everyone else, expressed his love for the beautiful space. He commended them for a fantastic job they have done thus far with their projects, many of which he assisted with.

“You guys have done a fantastic job,” he said. We are excited to see you grow, not only locally, but across the state. You guys are doing a great job, so congrats.”

Grindley Williams Engineering is located at 4175 S Pipkin Rd #210, Lakeland, FL 33811. For more information, visit their website at: https://www.grindleywilliams.com/

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