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DIGARC Opens New 20,000 Square Foot Corporate Headquarters With Ribbon Cutting

DIGARC Opens New 20,000 Square Foot Corporate Headquarters With Ribbon Cutting

by James Coulter

For nearly two decades, DIGARC’s software solutions have enabled college students to better pursue their education pathways and for educators to better manage the curriculum offerings. The company expects to continue further facilitating student success and institutional efficiency through their new state-of-the-art corporate headquarters in Lakeland.

Their new facility, located along West Pipkin Road, provides 20,000 square feet of developed space, along with 5,000 additional square feet for potential expansion, with amenities geared towards providing an environment that promotes both collaborative and independent research.

The state-of-the-art facility combines both traditional work spaces and collaboration areas that allow employees and clients to better work together towards achieving their academic goals. Also included are a library and quiet space that facilitate better concentration by maintaining outside distraction to a minimum.

Further facilitating this productive environment are the surrounding natural wetlands, which can be seen through the facility’s large open windows, providing both natural light and a scenic view of the outside natural world.

Whether working together within a collaborative effort or as individuals through independent study and research, DIGARCs newest facility allows everyone involved an open environment through which to better work and study, explained Angie Selden, DIGARC CEO.

“We have an open concept so people can share and collaborate, but each person also has their own desk and work area that they can personalize so they can have a space to go to and work,” she explained.

DIGARC recently celebrated the opening of their new corporate headquarters with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Aug 7, hosted through the Greater Lakeland Chamber of Commerce.

Since 2001, DIGARC has been committed towards its mission to aiding educators in higher education engage their students through the power of connected, integrated curriculum, ensuring that their students receive the best education through cutting-edge, state-of-the-art curriculums, products, and services, Selden said.

Within the last two years alone, DIGARC has added 125 clients on its core curriculum products. The company continues to expand and grow its outreach through the acquisition of additional services and products, Selden said.

“In the last decade, DIGARC grew from 100 clients using the flagship Acalog catalog management system to more than 730 higher education institutions using five software solutions,” its website states. “Today, 100-plus DIGARC professionals support thousands of education professionals and millions of end users.”

The past 15 years has seen DIGARC become a fixture within the Lakeland community, with many of its 120 employees residing within the Lakeland office area. As such, they expect to continue growing and facilitating their business by maintaining its commitment to the local Lakeland community, especially through its new Lakeland facility.

“It is our ambition to add talent to the Lakeland and Tampa area,” Selden said. “We have been looking for a new location for two and a half years, and it was our desire to do what we could to stay in the Lakeland area.”

DIGARC is located at 3111 W Pipkin Rd Suite 110, Lakeland FL 33813. For more information, call 863-709-9012, or visit their website at: https://www.digarc.com/

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