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Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga Ribbon Cutting

Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga Ribbon Cutting

by James Coulter

Suffering from fibromyalgia? Arthritis? Any other condition that causes chronic pain? Or are you simply suffering from stress in your life? You could spend hundreds of dollars on expensive medication. Or you could learn yoga and other meditation techniques to help you better cope with your problems.

Dr. Yarisa Bonet had previously been suffering from chronic pain. She was instructed by her doctor to practice yoga and other meditation techniques to help her calm down and focus. Performing yoga allowed her to better overcome her condition, she said.

Her mother was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago. While studying to obtain her doctorate degree, Dr. Bonet learned that yoga and other meditation techniques could help deal with chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia.

As such, she decided to use her expertise in medicine and yoga to offer a more holistic approach to healthcare for her and her mother. The techniques she learned to cope with chronic pain, she now teaches other people so they can do likewise, she explained.

“I did it for myself first, and then my mother, and now we are here for the community,” she said. “We opened here in this community to offer wellness services and yoga services to the community to help people relax and live a balanced life.”

Dr. Yarisa Bonet recently opened her new studio, Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga, where she and other trained instructors will be offering lessons in yoga, meditation, and other wellness techniques to help people cope with stress, chronic pain, and other conditions. Fibrofit also provides other “wellness” services such as acupuncture, biomat therapy, and reiki sessions that offer a more holistic approach to healthcare.

“Our mission is to help individuals find awareness, health and wisdom through and inspire them to maximize their potential in life and adopt new healthy lifestyles,” their website states. “Our objective is to promote healthy lifestyles, positive thoughts, and constructive actions through education and a holistic approach.”

Located along U.S. Highway 27 in Davenport, the new studio will offer an inclusive service to all clients, regardless of their training levels, be they beginners or advanced experts. The studio will especially be accessible to individuals with disabilities that would otherwise prevent them from attending most other studios, Dr. Bonet said.

“Maybe they are not able to go to any other yoga studio, but here we will have adaptive yoga for those with disabilities,” she said. “We expect to help their needs, and we are always going to be evaluating what they need and the tools they are in need of.”

Dr. Bonet has high expectations not only to offer high-quality instruction from her own studio, but to also take the instruction into the community through community events and corporate training sessions.

“We are here with an open heart,” she said. “We are seeking anyone who wants a balanced life and feel healthy and continue improving mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are opening our doors to the community.”

Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga officially opened its doors to the community with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, hosted by the Northeast Polk County Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Haines City Chamber of Commerce).

Lara Stripling, the Chamber Executive Director, as with most other new businesses, was excited to see yet another business open its door and cut its ribbon to the public. The introduction of new entrepreneurs to the community shows that economic development is booming within the area, she said.

Stripling knows Dr. Bonet personally. Not only has she previously served as a chamber member, but has also served on the chamber board. As such, Strilping has more than high expectations for Dr. Bonet’s new business and hopes that it will serve the local community well.

“[It’s] another beautiful facility here to help us with our wellness and mental wellness and just very excited that she has moved into her new facility,” she said. “As fast as we are growing, it is just a beautiful place for us to come in with all the stresses of today world, it is a great place for us to come in and relax and flush away that stress.”

Fibrofit Wellness & Yoga is located at 121 Ridge Center Dr., Davenport, FL 33837. For more information, call 407-985-5807, or visit: https://www.fibrofitwellness.net.

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