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14 Yr Old Charged With Bringing Pistol & Ammunition To Bok Academy

Lake Wales, Florida – A fourteen year old boy has been arrested and charged with two 3rd degree felonies for bring a pistol & ammunition to Bok Academy middle school in Lake Wales. The incident happened on Tuesday, March 19, 2019.

Here is the Polk County Sheriffs Office arrest affidavit:

“On 03/19/2019 at approximately 11:26am I was working at Bok Academy located at 13901 Hwy 27 Lake Wales.  Bok Academy is a charter school with the Polk County School board.   While patrolling the campus I was approached by Damian Moses (reportee) who is an administrator for the school.  Mr. Moses advised a student reported that Daniel Michael (suspect) had a pistol in his backpack.  Mr. Moses advised the suspect was currently in class and put the school on lock down.

Mr. Moses and myself went to the classroom where the suspect was located.

Contact was made with the suspect and I conducted a pat down of his person for any weapons.   In the suspect’s left front pocket I located magazine fully loaded with .380 rounds.  I asked the suspect where the gun was located and he stated the gun was in his book bag.  Inside the book bag I located a Smith and Wesson .380 handgun.  The gun was not loaded at the time I located it.  The suspect was placed under arrest and then questioned about the incident.

The suspect advised he stole the gun from his grandfather after they went shooting.  The suspect stated he was suppose to put the gun back in the safe, but he did not put the gun back in the safe only the box the gun goes in.  The suspect also stated he brought the gun on campus to hide it from his grandfather.  The suspect advised he has had the firearm for approximately one month.  The suspect stated he gave the gun to his older brother during the past month to take it with him when he went to Chicago.  The suspect stated that his older brother forgot the gun and his mother found it.  The suspect stated his mother and other brother are convicted felons and can not have firearms so the suspect advised his mother gave him the pistol back and told him to hide it.  

The suspect advised he did not intend on using the pistol on school grounds, which is why it was unloaded.  The suspect did say he had the firearm in his waistband until second period when another student observed the firearm in his waistband.  The suspect stated he then put the firearm in his book bag. ”

The suspect has no criminal history according to Juvenile Assessment Center.  The suspect was arrested and transported to the JAC without incident.  He is charged with Felony Grand Theft of A Firearm & Felony Possession Of A Firearm On School Property.

An automated message went out to parents just after the incident advising of contraband being found, but not specifically a gun.

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