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The Results Companies Expects Great Results At New Lakeland Location

The Results Companies Expects Great Results At New Lakeland Location

by James Coulter

If you call Hulu to ask a question about your monthly bill or about a problem with their streaming service, chances are your call will be picked up by someone working from a contact center in Lakeland.

The Results Companies currently has about 600 employees working at their new facility in Lakeland, where they help provide customer experience services for various Fortune 500 companies, including their premier partner, Hulu.

However, this small facility within a small part of Lakeland has great expectations to provide even greater services by hiring more than 900 employees within the near future, explained Alec Brecker, president and CEO.

“Facilities for us are not just buildings, they house the most important resource, and that is our people,” he said. “Our objective here is to create a tenured workforce that supplies customer experience and sales support for many different Fortune 500 companies.”

The Results Companies celebrated the grand opening of their new facility in Lakeland during a ribbon cutting ceremony hosted by the Lakeland Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday.

The Lakeland Chamber was most excited to see a new business arrive into town and make such an investment within the local community, and they especially look forward to seeing further growth and expansion within the near future, said Corey Skeates, chamber president.

“One thing I enjoyed…was the fact that this company invests in areas with a small-town feel, because they know the type of employees they will be able to get from that, and you are able to find that in Lakeland and Winter Haven,” he said.

Lakeland Mayor Bill Mutz, who cut the ribbon during the ceremony, noted that this new business was one of many examples of economic development and growth that the Lakeland community would be experiencing.

Mayor Mutz explained that the community was on “the cusp of opportunity for growth”, all of which would be spurred by economic development along the I4 corridor, the impact from Tampa and Orlando job markets, and the inevitability of autonomous vehicles.

Aside from new businesses such as this taking root within the community, other future developments would include a research test park currently being built near Florida Polytechnic University, the expansion of the Lakeland-Linder Airport with commercial and cargo carriers, and a new outdoor sports facility that will host games from a new soccer team.

“So you will see our city really growing a lot,” he said. “We want to put a lot of cranes in the air here.”

The Results Companies proves vital towards helping spur this economic growth, as the company is currently in the process of moving 700 to 1,200 employees, which will not only see more job opportunities, but also opportunities to create affordable housing, he said.

“When you think about Lakeland, I don’t want you to think about a sleepy place that is taking a ride; I want you think of this as a place to live and work that is dramatically going to change and you will be in the middle of that process,” he said. “So we appreciate all you do to help provide for that, we look forward to seeing that growth happen together, and I want to think of your city office here that will help sustain that at every level.”

For the past 20 years, The Results Companies has been cultivating high quality customer experience for various Fortune 500 companies across the country and even the world. Currently, they have more than 10,000 employees providing such services from 20 locations across the country.

This is their second location in Florida, with their very first in Winter Haven. Their second location is designed to facilitate 600 to 900 employees, and they expect to have it filled to capacity within the near future, Brecker said.

“The key for us as an organization is people,” he said. “We are the best communties with a workforce that provides a quality interaction with customers and help us better enhance that experience. Lakeland has those opportunities from a personnel perspective, and certainly has a workforce that is interested in helping grow and develop their careers.”

For more information, visit their website at: http://www.theresultscompanies.com/

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