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Lakeland Man Charged With False Imprisonment, Battery, Aggravated Assault With Deadly Weapon, & Theft In Dispute Over Card Game

Lakeland, Florida – According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office a suspect has been arrested after an altercation occurred early Wednesday morning. The suspect arrested is Jason Clements, DOB: 7/16/1992, of Lakeland.

On 09/26/2018 at approximately 4 am, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office responded to the area of Oakview Lane in Lakeland in reference to a past occurred battery. Contact was made with the victim, Ryan Boxx. According to Boxx, on 09/26/2018 at approximately 3am, he was at the suspect’s, Jason Clements, home located at Oakview Lane in Lakeland. Both subjects were playing cards. The suspect allegedly told the victim he was cursed and informed him he was going to die in six years. The suspect the allegedly started playing with a knife, described as having a large blade with a black handle. The suspect then allegedly informed the victim he knew how to throw knives and that he was going to “gut” him. The suspect threw a knife near the victim, which stuck into the wall. The suspect then allegedly went to the kitchen drawer and picked up another knife, described as being all silver, and informed the victim he was going to “gut” him. The suspect reached further into the kitchen drawer and informed the victim that there was a gun in the drawer. The suspect informed the victim he would shoot the victim if he didn’t go to the garage to get him a “Sprite.” The suspect did not brandish any firearm. These threats were against the victim’s will and placed him in fear for his life.

The victim went to the porch, located at the rear of the residence, and plugged his phone charger and phone into an outlet. The victim texted his father at 3:22am advising, “Come get me from Jasons now. Hes going craxy. Please hurry.” The suspect allegedly followed the victim to the porch and ripped the phone and charger out of the wall. The suspect the allegedly threw the victim to the ground and began to kick the victim’s head with his foot. The suspect then stepped on the victim’s throat at which time he was unable to breathe. This was an unwanted touch or strike by the victim.

The suspect’s mother then allegedly intervened in efforts to get the suspect off of the victim. The suspect continued to kick the victim in the head until the victim was able to break free and run into the house to exit the front door. The suspect followed the victim into the house and began to kick and punch the victim, while informing him he was going to “kill” him. The victim felt as if he was unable to leave, which further placed him in fear for his life. The victim was unable to acquire all of his items, due to the suspect informing the victim the property “now belongs” to him. The suspect’s mother intervened again in which the victim managed to escape via the front door. The victim ran to a nearby residence where the resident, notified law enforcement.

The victim obtained swelling and bruising to the back of his head and forehead as a result of the physical strikes. The victim made a positive identification of Clements from photos.

The property the suspect deprived from the victim was a Wahl beard trimmer, valued at approximately $30.00, a pair of burgundy Nike Huarache shoes, valued at approximately $120.00, a house key and a white gym key on a black lanyard, valued at approximately $50.00 (gym key), an LG phone and a phone charger. Contact was made with the victim’s father, who advised he bought the phone for $40.00. The total value of property deprived from the victim was approximately $240.00.

Contact was made with the Crime Information Center, who advised the suspect, Jason Clements, has a prior conviction for battery on 06/29/2015.

During the course of investigation, it was determined probable cause existed to believe the suspect, Jason Clements, committed the criminal offenses of False Imprisonment, Felony Battery, prior conviction, Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon with the Intent to Commit a Felony, and petit theft.

Contact was made with classifications, who advised the suspect is currently out on bond for Domestic Battery, prior conviction, Grand Theft Motor Vehicle, Possession of Cannabis, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Knowingly Driving while License Suspended or Revoked.

Police arrested Clements yesterday morning around 10am at the home on Oakview Lane.

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