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Two 14-Year-Olds Arrested for Armed Robbery

Two 14-year-olds arrested for armed robbery

Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives have arrested 14-year-old Jonathan Hall of Lakeland and 14-year-old Zachary Tillery of Lakeland for an armed robbery that occurred Tuesday at approximately 11:00 a.m. on Jungle Street in Lakeland. Through interviews with victims, suspects, and witnesses and the collection of evidence, detectives determined that Hall went to Tillery’s residence Tuesday morning and stole two handguns (from Tillery’s father) and told Tillery he wanted to “hit a lick” (rob someone).

They drove Tillery’s father’s 2006 gray Honda to an address on Jungle Street, picked up a 22-year-old Lakeland man (Isaac Rose) and then Hall pointed a handgun at him and demanded money and drugs or he would kill him. Rose struggled with Hall and during the struggle the gun fired at least once, shooting into the car seat. Rose told deputies that at some point Tillery also pulled out a handgun and Rose grabbed at it then jumped out of the Honda to escape.

Sometime during the Robbery, the Honda reversed into a tree, causing extensive damage. Deputies later found the Honda on Timber Path in Lakeland. Tillery was located nearby and Hall was located a short time later.

The following are excerpts from the affidavit and are self-explanatory:

“Hall spontaneously stated, How am I supposed to get money, rob my parents?” Hall provided a sworn taped statement in which he advised he went to the victim’s residence to have a drug talk.’ Hall stated while he and the victim were in the vehicle, the victim sucker punched’ him because he did not want to buy any drugs. Hall stated while he momentarily fought with the victim, the center console opened up and he observed a pistol. Hall stated he grabbed the pistol and pointed it at the victim, and told him to get out of the car. Hall advised after they drove down the road, he struggled with the victim over the pistol and accidentally fired the gun into the seat. Hall stated he then told Tillery to get his gun. Hall advised the victim then grabbed Tillery’s hand in which Tillery was holding a gun. Hall advised the victim then took both guns and ran away.”

“Tillery admitted while he and Hall were at Tillery’s residence, Hall kicked Tillery’s father’s bedroom door in and came out with two of his father’s firearms. Tillery stated he told Hall he was not allowed in his father’s room. Tillery advised Hall asked him to drive him to a place where he was going to hit a lick.’ Tillery advised while he was in the parking lot of the victim’s apartment building, he saw Hall point the gun at the victim and demanded money and marijuana. Tillery advised he drove down the road where Hall and the victim were struggling over the gun. Tillery advised he then grabbed the gun Hall and the victim were struggling over at which time the gun fired off into the seat. The victim then fled out of the vehicle.”

Hall was arrested and booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center and charged with Robbery w/firearm, armed burglary of a dwelling, possession of firearm by delinquent, grand theft of firearm, violation of probation (all felonies). He has previous criminal history of drug and drug paraphernalia possession and three probation violations. Tillery was arrested and booked into the Juvenile Assessment Center and charged with Robbery w/firearm, possession of firearm by delinquent, grand theft of firearm, and violation of probation (all felonies). Tillery’s previous charges include battery, grand theft (2), burglary (2), criminal mischief, petit theft, and motor vehicle theft.

Isaac Rose (the victim) has a lengthy criminal history including 11 felonies, 21 misdemeanors, and one state prison incarceration.

“These juveniles are already known to the criminal justice system & they desperately need to be held accountable for their criminal exploits before they end up killing someone. Let’s hope this time they are kept separate from the community, punished, and provided tough, no-nonsense & non-coddling rehabilitation that will help them turn their lives around. Hopefully, it’s not too late.” Grady Judd, Sheriff

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