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Man Charged With DUI Manslaughter In Death Of Lakeland Mother

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Vance Marson, DOB: 06/17/93, charging him with DUI Manslaughter. The charges stem from on May 27, 2023. The suspect, Marson, was the driver in a crash which killed Miranda Prince of Lakeland. Blood work and crime scene results allegedly didn’t confirm the suspects story in the crash.

The following is a long exerpt from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions) :

“On 05/27/23 at approximately 0322 hours, the suspect  D-1 (Vance Andrew Marson) was operating a 2019 Kia Forte 4-door passenger car northbound on SR. 33, approximately 300 ft. south of the intersection of Sugar Bush Lane, Polk City, Florida 33868.  While northbound, the suspect failed to maintain control of his vehicle, which caused the Kia to leave the roadway and travel onto the east side grass shoulder area.

Within the east side grass shoulder area, the Kia continued to travel in a northeasterly direction for approximately 267 ft., until the right side of the Kia sustained primary impact damage with a large tree, at the bottom (base) of the shoulder.   After primary impact with the tree, the Kia rotated in a clockwise direction and came to an uncontrolled final rest facing in southwesterly direction, approximately 25 ft. northwest of the tree.  During this crash, V-1 right front seat passenger, Miranda Prince, was ejected out of V-1 onto the grass shoulder, south of V-1.  

Upon arrival of First Responders, D-1 voluntarily told D/S Joshua Lasalle #8162 that he was driving the vehicle home, when an argument started between him and his girlfriend (Prince).  D-1 further stated that Prince grabbed the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to leave the roadway and strike the tree.  

During this crash, D-1 sustained incapacitating injuries and was transported to Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center (LRHMC) by Polk County Fire Rescue.  Prince also sustained incapacitating injuries and was also transported to LRHMC by PCFR.  On 06/02/23 at approximately 1944 hours, LRHMC Medical Staff pronounced Prince deceased.

During contact with D-1 at LRHMC, D/S Justin Register #8725 reported that he made brief contact with D-1 in the Emergency Department.  D/S Register reported that while D-1 was breathing around his oxygen mask, he could smell the faint odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath.  

Investigation at the crash scene revealed tire tracks that left the northbound lane of travel and continued in a northeasterly direction on the northbound grass shoulder, up to the base of a large tree.  My observations at the scene failed to reveal any signs of pre-impact braking.  It was noted that prior to impact with the tree, the rear of the Kia rotated slightly counter-clockwise.  There also was no pre-impact braking evidence located on the roadway surface.  The crash scene evidence was inconsistent with the statement made by D-1, in which he stated that Prince grabbed the steering wheel, causing V-1 to impact the tree.  There also was no evidence of D-1 taking any evasive actions (braking and/or counter-steering) to avoid the alleged steering wheel actions by Prince.     

After obtaining verbal and written consent from the owner of the Kia, Sandra Biggs, the Airbag Control Unit (Module) was extracted from the interior of the vehicle.  Review of the data collected during a Kia Event Data Recorder (EDR) System benchtop download/imaging, revealed that there was a recorded event.  The EDR Report also provided the following details:

The safety belt status for the driver and passenger was “Off”
A speed of 153 kph (95.06 mph) was recorded at -5.0 seconds prior to the event
A speed of 165 kph (102 mph) was recorded at 0.0 seconds
The engine throttle position was at 100% throughout the entire recorded event
The acceleration pedal was at 99% throughout the entire recorded event
Steering input (degree) was “0” from -5.0 seconds until -0.5 seconds
Steering input (degree) was “5” at 0.0 seconds
The Service Brake Status was “Off” for the entire recorded event

All of this collected EDR data was consistent with my investigation and observations at the crash scene of a high speed impact.  This data was also consistent with the extensive impact damage sustained to V-1 and the overall pre-impact distance (approximately 267 ft.) V-1 traveled off the roadway.  

All of the collected EDR data was also inconsistent with the post-crash statement made by D-1, that Prince grabbed the steering wheel.  This included lack of any pre-impact braking for V-1 and no evidence of any deceleration efforts by D-1.  There also was very minimal (5 degrees at 0.0 seconds) recorded EDR data of steering input for V-1.  These findings were also inconsistent with the allegations made by D-1.

During follow-up investigation, a Search Warrant was authored and obtained for D-1’s LRHMC Medical blood and medical records.  Review of the LRHMC Medical Records for D-1 revealed laboratory results for D-1’s hospital blood.  These hospital toxicology results revealed a positive result for Ethanol (111 mg/dL), which was reportedly collected on 05/27/23 at approximately 0503 hours.

The collected hospital blood sample was also transported to the University of Florida Forensic Toxicology Laboratory for analysis.  University of Florida, Director of Toxicology, Dr. Chris Chronister reported toxicology analysis revealed a positive result for Ethanol (89 mg/dL).  He further reported toxicology results were positive for marijuana/cannabis (Delta-9 Carboxy THC 220ng/mL & Delta-9 THC 20 ng/mL).  Dr. Chronister also advised that based on all of the available information, including the concentration of alcohol and the presence of cannabinoids in D-1’s system, there is evidence of impairment for D-1.

My review of the medical records also revealed that D-1 told medical personnel that “him and his gf (girlfriend) were arguing at the bar because she was speaking to another man, so they left and were arguing in the car.  He (Marson) stated that he said he was done with it and she reached over him and yanked the wheel, causing them to crash”.   Review of the Polk County Fire Rescue Report, contained within the obtained medical records, also revealed that the “Pt (Patient) advised he was driving with his girlfriend and they were arguing when she grabbed the wheel and snatched the car off the road.”

During follow-up investigation, a sworn, recorded, statement was obtained from PCFR Paramedic, Taylor Walker.  Walker reported upon his arrival at the crash scene, he observed a red car with damage consistent with impacting a tree.  During his interview with the patient (reported to be Vance Marson) he (Marson) stated that he was the driver of the car.  He further told Walker that they were arguing, they left a bar, arguing about some guy and she grabbed the steering wheel.  

All attempts to verify the initial statement from D-1 were conducted with negative results.  

My investigation has determined that during this crash, D-1 (Marson) was operating his vehicle in a reckless manner, likely to cause death.  D-1’s unlawful driving actions resulted in the death of right front seat passenger, Miranda Prince, a human being.  This unlawful driving action was a violation of Florida State Statute 782.071(1)(a); Vehicular Homicide.   

During this crash, D-1 also operated his vehicle with an unlawful blood-alcohol level, to the extent his normal faculties were impaired and who by reason of such operation, caused or contributed, to the death of passenger, Miranda Prince.  This action was a violation of Florida State Statute 316.193(3)(c)(3); DUI Manslaughter.

At the time of this crash, Marson, was operating the Kia with an unlawful blood-alcohol level.  Marson’s driving actions also caused approximately $20,000 in damages to the Kia”

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