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Community Mourning Loss Of Beloved Frostproof Teacher Who Was Brutally Murdered By Her Son

By Carl Fish

Frostproof, Florida – The small community of Frostproof is totally devastated this morning after the brutal murder of local teacher. According to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd the teacher, Elvia Espinoza 46, was currently teaching 2nd grade at Ben Hill Griffin. According to Sheriff Judd it was Espinoza’s 21 year old son that murdered her. The son Emmanuel Espinoza reportedly made up his mind he was going to kill his mom, who he loved, because she got on his nerves. He is a University of Florida Pre-Med student came to his mother’s home and as she answered the door started stabbing her until he eventually killed her.

Sheriff Grady Judd

The news broke shortly after 9:30pm and 10’s of thousands of read the Daily Ridge article in less than an hour. Not only did people read and share the article, they shared personal stories and feelings about Elvia Espinoza:

Prayers for her family and students and colleagues. She is very loved by many. I don’t know how to tell my daughter that her teacher went to heaven. 😭😭😭😭😭” – Betty T.

“My girl is sleeping now, but I’m not sure how to even put it into words for her. And to have to tell her and then send her to school… 😞😞” – Brooklyn B.

“OMG. Elvia was one of the sweetest people she will be missed” – Carrie W.

“I have worked with Elvia many years at the school. She loved her family, her friends and students. We passed each other in the hallway Friday afternoon -she said have a good weekend and see you Monday” – Barbie W.

“I’m am heartbroken over this. I worked with Elvia for five years at FMSHS when she was a para and school secretary. Wonderful woman.” – Cat M.

“So heartbreaking to lose just a sweet kind-hearted person! Praying for her students and family, especially her other two children who are dealing with something so devastating….that no person should ever have to endure! You will be missed in our little town Elvia!” – Becki R.

“I mourn my friend tonight. She was a phenomenal mother, and grandmother. I had the honor of knowing her for many years and my heart is broken. Rest in peace my sweet friend. Till we meet again. 💔💔💔 – Terri W.-B.

“My daughter is broken😢she cried herself to sleep tonight…. Mrs. Espinosa was a wonderful teacher. she’s always gonna be in our hearts prayers for her and her family ….😢” – Cindy C.

“This is truly heartbreaking!! Mrs Espinoza was always so nice when my kids went to school and I have the fondest of memories of her. She worked in the office at the high school at that time and she will surely be missed. I feel so much for all the sweet babies in her second grade class that are now left to deal with the questions and emotions of this ugly senseless ordeal. I pray that a peace falls upon each of them and that this doesn’t follow any of them throughout the rest of their year. As for Mrs Espinoza’s family, no family should ever have to go through such a horrific event. My thoughts and prayers are with you.” – Amy C.

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Carl Fish

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