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Former Polk Congressman Dennis Ross To Run Again Citing “Sadly, The Current Administration and Congress Have Run Our Country Into A Ditch”

Statement by office for Dennis Ross

Former Congressman Dennis Ross released the following statement after declaring his intention to return to the United States House of Representatives.

“Today I am announcing that I will run for the United States Congress in Florida’s 15th congressional district. I have been blessed to have previously served in Congress but the past few years have shown that I have a responsibility to return to restore fiscal responsibility and conservative principles to the halls of Congress. Sadly, the current administration and Congress have run our country into a ditch – effects we see every day at the gas pump and in the grocery store. As a result, our country is worse off today because of their failed agenda and policies.

Wages are going in the wrong direction and the economy is stuck in reverse. Inflation is at an historic 42-year high and rising.  Grocery stores shelves are empty and everything costs much more than it did only a year ago.  Our national debt has reached a calamitous level as the liberals in Congress fritter away trillions of your money while raising taxes to support their spending addiction. 

The United States is weaker globally as witnessed by the war in Ukraine and China’s threats on Taiwan and our enemies across the globe are emboldened by the lack of leadership coming out of Washington, DC. 

Gasoline prices are skyrocketing to record levels as Congress believes that we no longer need or should produce oil and gas in America.  Yet, in the face of higher prices, this administration’s war on American energy independence has created an energy crisis, jeopardized our national security, and is now fueling Putin’s war on Ukraine. 

Violent crimes are destroying our communities while our brave police officers are ridiculed, threatened and defunded.  Drugs are flowing into our country and millions of illegal aliens continue to pour across our open border.

Concerned moms and dads are labelled domestic terrorists and targeted by the FBI for daring to express concern over what curriculum is being taught in their child’s classroom. 

On every issue, Congress is failing us.  I cannot sit back and watch.  Now is the time to restore hope in America’s greatness.  I will bring strong, conservative leadership and a positive vision for our country back to Congress,” concluded Dennis Ross.

About Dennis Ross:

Born and raised in Polk County, Dennis Ross served four terms in Congress representing the 15th Congressional District where he focused on finding solutions for what Central Florida families care most about.  From lowering taxes and growing the economy, to defending conservative values and supporting a strong, national security, Dennis sponsored and passed numerous pieces of legislation to improve the lives of all Americans.

Since retiring from Congress in 2019, Dennis has served as the Director of the American Center for Political Leadership at Southeastern University, where he is also a distinguished professor of Political Science. 

Dennis serves as a Board Member for the Former Members of Congress Organization (FMC) and on the Board of Trustees at Ariel University in Israel. He was recently inducted into the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s Florida Workers’ Compensation Hall of Fame for his efforts in that industry over the last 33 years.  

He is married to Cindy Hartley Ross and they have two sons, Shane and Travis, and two grandchildren, Emmett and Charlotte.

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