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Webber University Baseball Player Plays Against Team Of Former High School Coach Who Helped Him

Webber University Baseball Player Plays Against Team Of Former High School Coach Who Helped Him

by James Coulter

When Corbin Weeks served as the Head Baseball Coach at Mulberry High School, he was approached by a young man named Tavion “Taz” Williams. Taz wanted so desperately to play college baseball, and he wanted the coach’s help. Taz originally began helping coach the Panthers JV Baseball team in the fall of 2018.

“I told him that he had to prove it to me,” Weeks said. “I told him that if he came to practice every day that first fall that I was there, I would make some calls to help him out.”

Over the next four months, Taz would attend practice under Coach Weeks. The young high school athlete dedicated himself both to the sport and his regular classes.

He played hard. He studied hard. And all of his hard work eventually paid off when he finally received a scholarship to Webber International University in Babson Park, where he currently plays varsity baseball.

Weeks has since moved on to serve as an Assistant Baseball Coach at Montreat College in Montreat, NC. Weeks and Williams faced off in a four-game series this past weekend in Babson Park.

Weeks could not be prouder of Taz’s accomplishments thus far. As someone who assisted the young man in high school, he knows full well of the young man’s potential and how he has strived to achieve it.

“When I first met Taz, I knew that he had the work ethic to be successful,” Weeks said. “He came to practice every day. I believed in him, and we made it happen, and it was because of his hard work. Taz’s journey has been one that can motivate other players to chase their dreams. The Mulberry community should be extremely proud of Taz.”

Taz has been playing baseball since he was four years old. He has played more than 300 games throughout his school career, and he has stolen countless bases.

He played baseball throughout his stay at Mulberry High School. The year after he graduated, Corbin Weeks took over the Panthers Baseball program. Weeks helped Taz’s brother receive a college scholarship, and he wanted the coach to help him achieve a scholarship, too. Blake Cousens, Justin Vanderhoff, and Isaac Andrews joined the Williams brothers on their signing day back in 2019.

Taz trained hard under Weeks, and now the young athlete is playing baseball at Webber International University thanks to his scholarship. He started playing junior varsity when he arrived at college as a freshman, and now he’s playing varsity for the Warriors.

Both Taz and Weeks were excited over the chance to play against one another during two games on Saturday, with Taz playing for the Webber Warriors and Week’s coaching the Montreat Cavaliers. Though Taz’s team lost the first game, he was more than enthused about playing hard in the next round.

“This is a very good Webber team that will make a run in The Sun Conference tournament. Taz will find himself in big situations for this team,” Weeks said. “I see him moving on and being a big player in this Webber Team over the next four to five years. Of course, the older that he gets, the more of a role he will play in big games for them.”

Taz owes his success to his parents. His mother inspired him to play baseball as a young boy, and she drove him to all of his practices.

“I owe my confidence to my mom,” Taz said. “She is the one to drive me to every practice and never missed a game, always made sure I stayed on time. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be playing this game.”

Both of his parents encouraged him through his athletic career thus far, and Taz expects to go even further, and he has Coach Weeks to thank for that opportunity.

“I want to thank Corbin for the opportunity he got me to get here,” Taz said. “He is good. He knows what he is talking about. I listen closely to what he says because he knows what he is talking about.”

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