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Frostproof Man Protecting His Sleeping Family Shoots & Kills Suspected Home Burglary Suspect

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a fatal shooting that occurred on February 7, 2021 at around 1:00 a.m. in unincorporated Frostproof.

According to the preliminary investigation, the decedent, Jory Plummer, burglarized a home in his neighborhood where a husband, wife and their 3 children were sleeping.

The wife heard banging on the front door and woke her husband. When he went to the front of his home to see where the noise was coming from, he discovered the front door was forced opened. Believing someone had just burglarized his home, he armed himself with a handgun.

The husband said he found Plummer outside, in front of the home, yelling obscenities at him. The husband told the suspect, numerous times, to leave and just go home.

The husband described Plummer as “out of control.” That’s when Plummer began to run, charging at the husband, who, in fear for his life, fired one round from his firearm at Plummer hitting him.

Plummer then turned and headed away from the residence. After walking a few feet, Plummer turned around and charged at the husband again, and the husband shot Plummer a second time.
When deputies arrived, they began lifesaving measures. Plummer was transported to Sebring Hospital where he died.

This investigation is ongoing.

“People have a right to be safe in their home, and when necessary, defend that safety. At this point in the investigation, the evidence indicates that the resident acted in self-defense.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff

Plummer’s criminal history includes 9 felonies and 9 misdemeanors including Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Battery, Tampering with Evidence, Forgery, Resisting a Law Enforcement Officer, Possession of Marijuana, Driving on a Suspended Driver’s License, Violation of Probation, and Failure to Appear.

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