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Dee’s Hot Dogs Opens New Location In Winter Haven

Dee’s Hot Dogs Opens New Location In Winter Haven

by James Coulter

What do you like on your hot dog? Mustard? Ketchup? Relish? Cheese spread and party mix? Potato salad and barbecue sauce? If you answered “all of the above”, then you’ll love Dee’s Hot Dogs.

For $2, you can enjoy a hot dog with all of the fixings. For $2 more, you can upgrade to a meal combo with chips and a drink. Whether you prefer your dog traditionally with mustard and relish, or if you’re feel adventurous and would like to try anything but the kitchen sink, these hot dog deals are too hot to pass up.

Specialty hot dogs include the Cheez-It Dog (Cheese Whiz and Cheese-It Party Mix), Backyard Dog (potato salad, barbecue sauce, and onions), Salad Dog (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and your choice of dressing), Strawberry Shortcake (strawberry shortcake, strawberry syrup, and whip cream), Supreme Dog (chili, sour cream, and nacho chips) and the Bye Felicia (everything on it).

“We use only the best ingredients to create unique and delicious gourmet hot dogs that you are sure to love,” their website states. “Customer service is our top priority and we will do everything we can to ensure your complete satisfaction.”

Not hungry for hot dogs? No problem. Dee’s Hot Dogs serves other tasty treats, from sausages and brats, tacos and strawberry shortcake, and specialty milkshakes with every kind of flavor imaginable.

“If they are looking for a specialty hot dog and something different, you won’t find it anywhere else,” said owner Dawrence “Dee” Hutley.

For the past nine years, Dee has been serving hot dogs with every type of topping. Recently, he moved into their new location at 3009 Cypress Gardens Road in Winter Haven.

Prior to running his current business, Dee worked in a warehouse. After seeing someone cooking and preparing specialty hot dogs, he was inspired to take up a job serving something similar.

“It all came to me in a dream, and I ran away with it,” he said. “That got me started, and then I started researching hot dogs, how to make them. We want to add something different that you are not used to getting on a hot dog.”

The decision to open a new location was made during the COVID-19 outbreak. Prior to the statewide lockdown, he and his staff were catering in Lakeland. Unfortunately, the lockdown prevented them from catering. So the decision was made to open a new location in Winter Haven.

Originally, they were planning on providing deliveries from their new location. They have since decided to open it as a walk-in eatery that also offers deliveries through DoorDash. Aside from opening a new location, they hope to expand their new eatery with extra room next door, providing for more space and seating, as well as other amenities such as gaming.

“We hope to provide seating and creating more of a bigger setting as we move to the building next door,” he said. Most of all, people can expect from their eatery “the uniqueness, the creativity, and the overall friendly attitude.”

Regular customers love the variety of hot dogs and the overall affordable pricing. That anyone can enjoy a hot dog unlike any other proves to be a real draw, especially if it ends up drawing customers from far up north.

“I loved these hot dog they have such a great variety,” one customer wrote in a Facebook review. “I’m from South Carolina and I went all the way to Florida for these hot dogs.”

“Great food, service and amazing family,” another customer said. “They have some weird combos that you never knew went perfectly together until you tried it! I promise that everything I said you would agree with.”

Dee’s Hot Dogs is located at 3009 Cypress Gardens Road, Winter Haven, Fl. 33884. For more information, visit http://www.winterhavenhotdogs.com, or call 631-759-8512.

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