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Resources for Parents and Grandparents Homeschooling While Schools Are Closed

With the closures of schools all across the country many parents and grandparents are faced with homeschooling children. For those of us who are new to homeschooling our kids until schools open again, I thought it might be nice to put all the resources that are available in one place. I found these sites on thoughtco.com to help you teach your child about nature such as, National Geographic, NatGeo Kids, The Handbook of Nature Study, and U.S. Forest Service.

Here are some resources I found on walkingbytheway.com, that we can use to get free pintables or free lessons I will list them below.

Khan Academy: Gives free lessons and works your child through a complete subject. I like this site because it allows you as the parent to track your child’s progress as it is sat up under a parent account. Then you add your child and they can then log in and out under their account.

Deep Space Sparkle: Allows you to pick art projects based on your child’s grade level just click the free art projects tab at the top.

The Notebook Fairy: This teaches your child how to notebook which basically keeps, them and you organized and there are so many free pintables available.

Project Gutenberg: This site offers free eBooks that can be downloaded, it mainly focuses on older books that the copyrights have expired.

Math Game Time: It features free math games for your child to use, I do think it is geared more towards younger children. The grade levels only go up to 7th grade, but it looks like something the kids would really enjoy.

Storynory: Has thousands of free audio stories, so it basically reads to your child, how ingenious is this and its free.

Steve Spangler Science: You can find free science experiments on this site just click the words at the top on the banner that says, “Hundreds of Free at Home Experiments.” Then it takes you to videos and step by step instructions for science experiments, that’s pretty cool.

I also want to include some of the ones that were going around Facebook as being free because of the school shut down. The main one being ABCmouse.com. The site is offering from what I can tell on the website 30 days for free.

I want to leave you with this, we are always complaining about what the schools teach our children. Now we get to hack school to fit our beliefs and teach our kids what we value most. Have fun with it and make the best out of a bad situation because your making memories that will last a lifetime.

Don’t forget to include outside time as well, they would get this opportunity at school. We just need to social distance ourselves there is so much that can be done from your own back yard. Set up scavenger hunts, if you have plastic eggs for Easter let your child hunt them, play tag, make up skits they can act out to create fun adventures. We didn’t get to decide for this to happen, but we can certainly make the best of a bad situation.

Written By:

Amy Archibald



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