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Five Art Pieces From Local Students Installed In Bartow City Hall

Five Art Pieces From Local Students Installed In Bartow City Hall

by James Coulter

Brightly-colored planets revolving around a cracked-open egg like a sun. A tree basking within a sunset the same warm orange and yellow as its autumn leaves. An orchestra of instruments drawn in a cubist style similar to Picasso.

These paintings were a few of the five art pieces created by local art students that have been installed at Bartow City Hall for the Mayor’s Art Club.

Prior to the Bartow City Commission meeting on Monday evening, the mayor and city commisioners honored five middle and high school students during a presentation of their artwork.

All five art pieces have been laminated and erected within Bartow City Hall, where they will be displayed for a year. Four of the pieces installed within the city commission chamber, and one within the lobby.

Each of the five art pieces and their respective artists were inducted within the Bartow Mayor’s Art Club, a local arts program dedicated to promoting and advancing art education in local schools by showcasing the art of select students.

Participating this year were three local schools: Bartow High School, Bartow Middle School, and Union Academy Magnet School. Each school submitted an accumulated total of 40 art pieces, of which five were ultimately selected to be represented at City Hall.

Mayor Leo E. Longworth helped narrow down the art pieces and choose the final five selections. Assisting him in this endeavor were four other judges: George Long, City Manager; Jeff Clark, Chamber Executive Director; Sarah Fortney, School Board Member; and Meri Mass, Polk Art Alliance Executive Director.

During the presentation on Monday evening, each of the five students presented their artwork and explained the inspiration behind each piece. Each student and their respective art teacher then received a $200 check for their respective school.

Mayor Longworth expressed his satisfaction with the participation of the students, teachers, and guardians that evening, as it revealed how much they all respected their education and their commitment towards art within the community.

“I am glad that you found time to allow you child to participate in this great event,” he said. “It would not be possible if you were not sitting in the seats where you are sitting. So we thank you so much for being here. We will also recognize the kids as well. Thank you, young people, for donating your talents.”

The Bartow Mayor’s Art Club has been an ongoing project for the past five years. Three years ago, two art pieces were selected to be turned into larger pieces that are currently displayed within the lobby. One of these pieces is a large painted diorama of the Historic Courthouse.

“We liked them so much we kind of just kept them because they really illustrate Bartow,” explained City Commissioner Trish Pfeiffer.

Of the art pieces that have been created over the years, at least 11 had been purchased by the Bartow Regional Medical Center, which will display these paintings within their facility.

“It is great to meet the students who actually produce the artwork,” said Karen Kerr, President of the Regional Medical Center. “It is [all] beautiful. It does bring joy, not only to our patients and our visitors, but certainly to our team members as well.”

An art reception for this art and their respective artists will be hosted on Mon., May 13, at 5:45 p.m. at the medical center, located at 2200 Osprey Blvd., Bartow, Fl.

The art pieces and artists for this year’s Mayor’s Art Club are as follows:

“Golden Fish” by Zayra Dominguez, 18, Bartow High School

Art Teacher: Christina Ethington

“Unnamed” by Lynda McClure, 12, Bartow Middle School

Art Teacher: Ms. Brenda Borges

“Fall Sunset” by Abbie Betz, 12, Union Academy

Art Teacher: Kaitlyn Reynolds

“Galaxy in the Morning” by Khushi Chauhan, 14, Union Academy

Art Teacher:  Kaitlyn Reynolds

“Irregular Flowers” by Haley Collins, 11, Union Academy

Art Teacher:  Kaitlyn Reynolds

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