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Laws Of Fitness Celebrates Grand Opening With Ribbon Cutting

Laws Of Fitness Celebrates Grand Opening With Ribbon Cutting

by James Coulter

Summer is right around the corner. Is your body ready for bathing suit season? Why not shape up your perfect beach bod by working out at Laws of Fitness?

Having recently opened their second location in Downtown Winter Haven earlier this January, Laws of Fitness provides personalized services from exercise equipment to classes, programs, and fitness and nutrition coaching to help meet all your workout needs.

Unlike most big box gyms, this locally-owned 24/7 fitness center offers a more personable experience, where even the owner himself knows you by name the minute you come in for your routine workout.

Within their small yet spacious setting, members can expect friendly, hospitable service where they don’t have to worry about finding a machine within an overcrowded enviroment. They can come right in, be greeted by one of the many trainers, and be serviced with a workout that’s right for them.

“The service that we provide, everyone gets put into a program, everyone [works out in] a family oriented place, and it is not [where] people are just a number: people come here, [and] I know them by their first name,” said Chris Law, Owner. “They can expect that we are going to keep it personable, and they will get the service that they can come to expect when they come into the door.”

Law himself has more than 20 years of fitness experience, having previously operated his original gym location along Recker Highway. He and his dedicated team of trainers bring with them a combined experience of 40 years, so gym members know that they have the right people with the right level of expertise assisting them, their website claims.

“At Laws of Fitness Downtown, we encourage healthy lifestyles beyond the walls of the gym,” their website states. “As a fitness center that inspires and uplifts our clients, we strive to offer personalized and life-enhancing experiences to our local community.”

Laws of Fitness opened their downtown location three months ago. Law was inspired to set up shop, not only because of the available space, but because of the bustling economic activity within the downtown area, thus providing much potential for a second location, he said.

The new fitness center recently celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon cutting on April 10 and an open house two days later on April 13. The past week alone has seen a spike in interest among potential gym members, with more than 75 new members joining, said Rachel Harris, Co-Owner.

Their success within the past three months has most likely been due to the gym’s overall hospitable atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome and where everyone can expect to find the right routine that is best for them and their fitness needs, as many testimonials on their website attest.

“The compassion Chris has for his clients is like no other,” the testimonial reads. “He goes above and beyond and genuinely cares about your well being. He motivates you and makes your goals achievable. Chris has made me love fitness. He has helped me reach my goals and has helped me tremendously in changing my lifestyle and loving it every step of the way.”

“I have been training with Chris for several years now and can attest to his desire to help others to be the best they can be when it comes to their physical condition,” another testimonial states.

With business having picked up since then, Law and his team are more than excited for what the future will hold. Expectations for the second location remain high, so much so that future expansions with other locations seem most likely.

“I am expecting to stay around, to grow on the equipment that we already have,” Law said. “I want to bring more equipment into the facility, but hopefully, I want to expand to future locations as well.”

Laws of Fitness is located in Downtown Winter Haven at 46 3rd St NW, Winter Haven, FL 33881, in between the parking garage and Central Tavern. For more information, call 863-875-3254, or visit their website at: https://www.lawsoffitness.net/

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