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Man Tased After Allegedly Fleeing Traffic Stop

Bartow, Florida – On December 27th, 2017 Polk County Sheriff’s Deptuies were called in reference to a impaired driver. A deputy stated she was transporting an arrestee to the Polk County Jail when she observed a black 2007 Cadillac driving as if the driver was impaired at the intersection of C.R. 60 and Kid Ellis Road in Mulberry, Florida.

The deputy stated the vehicle almost collided with another vehicle and was swerving all over the roadway.

Another deputy responded to S.R. 60 and found the car near Bonnie Mine Road. A deputy initiated a traffic stop and the car slowly pulled over onto the right side of the roadway.

A deputy advise he made contact with the driver, Derrick Taylor, who provided a Georgia driver’s license. Taylor was asked to exit the vehicle and speak with the deputy on the grass due to being on a busy highway. The deputy asked Taylor if there was anything illegal on his person or in his vehicle. Taylor stated he did not have anything illegal. The deputy asked Taylor if he could flip his pockets inside out to reveal the contents inside of them.
Taylor agreed and emptied his pockets and allegedly flung a small plastic baggie which contained a white powder residue onto the ground. The deputy picked up the plastic baggie and placed it on the hood of the vehicle.

The deputy told Taylor to place his hands behind his back. As the deputy was attempting to place Taylor in custody he broke free and placed the baggie into his mouth. Taylor began running West onto S.R. 60. The deputy ordered Taylor to stop but he continued to attempt to evade arrest. Taylor was still unsearched and in flight from a felony arrest when the deputy removed his agency issued Taser and deployed it connecting two of the Taser prongs on Taylor’s back. Taylor continued to take flight on foot heading West on S.R. 60. The deputy activated another cycle of the Taser on Taylor, however Taylor was not affected by the Taser and continued to take flight on foot westbound on S.R. 60. Taylor eventually circled back to his vehicle and drove off. Another deputy located Taylor who accelerated at a high rate of speed.

Due to the charges and potential threat to the public the pursuit was discontinued. Units lost sight of Taylor’s vehicle eastbound on Stewart Road in Bartow, Florida.

Another deputy observed Taylor in the yard of West Tee Circle in Bartow, Florida where he was again Tased and taken into custody.

Taylor was read his Miranda Warning prior to being transported to Bartow Regional Medical Center. Taylor stated he understood his rights.

While at the hospital deputies asked Taylor when he was stopped if he knew it was a law enforcement officer. Taylor allegedly stated he did know the deputy was a law enforcement officer because he saw lights as was being pulled over.

Taylor allegedly stated the white power substance inside of the baggie was powder cocaine. Taylor allegedly stated he has been using cocaine for approximately 5 years and he did not want a drug charge on his record so that’s why he placed it into his mouth. Taylor when on to allegedly state he purchased the baggie of cocaine earlier in the day for $20.00 dollars.

Taylor also allegedly stated when he ran back into his vehicle he spit the baggie of cocaine out of the window. He continued to state that he smokes his cocaine by lacing his cigarettes with it because he does not want to get sick if he snorts bad cocaine.

A FCIC/NCIC query revealed Taylor’s Florida driver’s license has been suspended since 11/9/2009 for theft of motor vehicle/parts/components with notice received by court order or prior UTC.

Taylor was booking into the Polk County Jail without incident.Taylor is facing Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resisting An Officer Without Violence and other charges.

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