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Lake Wales Man Arrested & Accused Of Sexual Assault In Ft. Pierce

Fort Pierce, Florida – A Lake Wales man is accused of sexual battery on a woman in Fort Pierce, Florida. According to reports Craig Reyome, of Lake Wales, was arrested by Fort Pierce Police on July 28, 2017.


According to information provided by the Fort Pierce Police Department a situation occurred on July 27th around 10:30pm. An officer responded to a call regarding a person that said she was being pulled out of her vehicle. The following is an exerpt from the arrest affidavit. The identity of the victim in the case has been removed along with other details by the Fort Pierce Clerk of Courts and is shown asREDACTED:

On 7/27/2017 I responded to REDACTED  to conduct an investigation on a person that said she was being pulled out of her vehicle.
Upon arrival, I came in contact with a couple out in the parking lot that I was out with earlier in the day. I first came in contact with the male Craig Reyome. He was standing in the driver's side door jam of a red Ford Explorer and appeared to try and conceal himself from being seen. As I walked up, I asked him what was going on. He stated that he was trying to get his REDACTED to come back up to the room. As Reyome was talking to me, I saw the female, who was identified as REDACTED  stick her hand out of the vehicle and make a waving motion. I decided to further investigate, so
I walked around to the passenger's side of the vehicle with my flashlight, I saw the female laying in the driver's seat with her butt towards the driver's
door, her pants were on the floorboard. As I peered into the vehicle REDACTED  made silent motions with her mouth saying, "Help me" She appeared distraught and upset. She was physically crying and visibly shaken. I walked back to the driver's side of the vehicle and asked Reyome to step back to the rear of the vehicle and talk to me. As Reyome turned to face me he reached down in front of his pants and zipped up his zipper. I asked Reyome to stand at the rear of the vehicle so that I could speak to REDACTED. I walked up to the driver's door to speak to REDACTED ,she asked me if Reymone could hear her. She stated that she was scared and didn't want him to hear what she had to say. As I was trying to talk to REDACTED, Reymone kept trying to walk up to the driver's door, I detained Reymone and placed him in the back of my patrol car so that I could get more information on the Incident.
As I was talking to REDACTED, she told me that she was scared and was trying to get away from him so she could go home. She stated that he took her key's and was holding her in the vehicle. She stated that she kept telling him, "No" that she did not want to have sex. She said that he did it anyway.
When asked REDACTED, told me that he kept putting his penis inside of her even after she begged him not to.

Next I came in contact with REDACTED brother. He stated that he got numerous text messages from REDACTED saying that REDACTED needed help. He pulled all of the messages up on his phone that asked him to hurry that Reymone was going to take advantage of her. I advised him to send me all the messages so that I could enter them Into evidence. These messages were sent over the course of several minutes.

Next, I came in contact with REDACTED the victim's boyfriend. He stated that he had been going out with REDACTED for several months. He stated that he was at work when he started to get messages form REDACTED stating that she needed help. I also told him to send me all the messages so that I could enter them into evidence. These minutes were sent over the course of several minutes.

Sgt. Tumblin was notified and responded to the scene. Sergeant Tumblin interviewed Reymone. Post Miranda, Reymore stated he and REDACTED had been drinking this evening and he wanted her to stay in his hotel room for her safety. He further stated during the first contact
with law enforcement, REDACTED urinated in her pants. After law enforcement left, he took REDACTED into his hotel room to change her into a pair of his pants.
They went inside the bathroom and he assisted her with putting on his pants. REDACTED then started freaking out over keys and walked out of the room. He followed her to the truck and attempted to keep her from leaving. He wanted her to stay in the room and chill out for the night due to her level of
intoxication. REDACTED was content on leaving, so he demanded her to give him back his pants. He wanted to get the pants he allowed her to put on in his hotel room. As Sergeant Tumblin spoke with Reymore, his zipper was open. When questioned about his zipper, he stated, "It's normally half way down." Reymone denied having sexual intercourse with REDACTED .
Rescue responded and transported REDACTED to REDACTED. Pictures of the vehicle and of the area were the incident took place were taken and
will be placed Into evidence. The clothing that was REDACTED wearing at the time, were also collected for evidence. Reymone was transported to the detective Bureau for further questioning. Detective Wachendofer responded to interview Reymone. Reymone requested legal counsel.
Based on the state of REDACTED, her clothing being down, her messages to her brother and boyfriend, followed by the positioning of zipper, his
suspicious actions upon arrival and denial of any sexual contact, I find probable cause to believe that Reymone committed the act of sexual battery.
Reymone forceful penetrated REDACTED with his penis without consent. was transported to the Saint Lucie County jail for processing for violation of
F.S.S. 794.011(4B) sexual battery.
Victim services responded. A sexual assault kit was complete."

Reymore was provided a $50,000 bond.

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