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Its Sea Turtle Nesting Season, Things You Should Know

No flash photos please

Spring and summer are a busy time of year on our beaches for both people and sea turtles. Sea turtles nest primarily at night. If they see any disturbance – including people — they will leave the beach without nesting or leave before safely covering their eggs with sand. If you see a nesting sea turtle on the beach, please remember to watch from a distance, avoid making loud noises and refrain from using bright cellphones, flash photography and flashlights. This green sea turtle was photographed leaving the beach early in the morning by one of our specially trained Marine Turtle Permit Holders. If you avoid disturbing nesting sea turtles and encourage your friends and family to do the same, it can help these threatened and endangered species successfully lay their eggs before returning to the sea.

If you see someone harassing a sea turtle or disturbing a nest, call our Wildlife Alert Hotline at 1-888-404-3922.

Helpful information for beach visitors during sea turtle nesting season: http://bit.ly/29TvxlC

Where to watch sea turtles without disturbing them:http://bit.ly/1fCeTNx

Keep beachfront artificial lighting from harming sea turtle nesting: http://bit.ly/2sAkSlx

Learn about Florida’s five sea turtle species:http://bit.ly/2oJcoVr

Green sea turtle photo by Adrienne McCracken, an FWC marine turtle permit holder with Loggerhead Marinelife Center

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