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Polk Deputies Arrest Man For Murder



On May 29, 2016, PCSO Homicide detectives arrested 29-year-old Jonathan Hepburn of 1146 Skyview Blvd in Lakeland for one count Second Degree Murder in the death of 35-year-old Kenneth Wesley of 1666 Crystal Park Circle in Lakeland. 

The following is an excerpt from Hepburn’s affidavit, and it is self-explanatory:

“On 05/29/2016 at approximately 8:04 p.m., Polk County Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded the area of 1146 Skyview Blvd, in Lakeland, in reference to a shooting call. Upon deputies’ arrival, the victim, Kenny Lee Wesley, was located in the roadway in front of 1146 Skyview Blvd, Lakeland, unresponsive with a gunshot wound to the upper left torso. As Deputies approached the residence at 1146 Skyview Blvd, a male later identified as Jonathan Hepburn made contact with the deputies and exited the residence. Jonathan spontaneously made statements to the deputies that he had shot the victim. The suspect was secured and transported to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Southwest Substation.

During a post -Miranda interview, Jonathan stated on 05/28/2016, he and the victim engaged in an argument over the victim talking to Jonathan’s girlfriend, Amanda Castro. Jonathan stated he and the victim both threatened to harm each other during this conversation over the telephone. Jonathan stated nothing further occurred on 05/28/2016. Jonathan stated on 05/29/2016, he received a telephone call from Amanda and learned the victim had left a voicemail on her phone. Jonathan stated he called and spoke with the victim. Jonathan stated they both calmed down and at that time, there did not seem to be any other issues. Jonathan stated in a later telephone call, the victim asked him if he had any “K-2” (Synthetic Cannabis) to smoke. Jonathan stated he invited the victim over to his house. 

Jonathan stated at approximately 2000 hours, the victim came to Jonathan’s house. Jonathan stated they then began walking inside his residence, and Jonathan walked into the door first. Jonathan stated as he entered the house, he heard something being moved on a glass table near his door. Jonathan stated he turned around and observed the victim armed with one of his (Jonathan’s) knives which was on the table. Jonathan stated the victim then began coming at him with the knife. Jonathan stated he grabbed an expandable baton and attempted to strike the victim. As he was striking the victim, the baton fell apart. Jonathan stated he was then able to grab the victim’s arm and prevented him from stabbing him. Jonathan stated he was able to push the victim away and grabbed an AR15 magazine off of a nearby table. Jonathan stated was able to grab his AR15 which he had concealed next to a speaker. Jonathan stated he then inserted the magazine and chambered a round. Jonathan stated at this time, the victim exited the residence, still armed with the knife. Jonathan stated the victim continued to walk away. Jonathan stated he stopped at the residence doorway with his gun. Jonathan stated the victim was still walking away, with the knife and was almost in the road (approximately 10-15 yards away). Jonathan stated the victim then made a statement “I’ll get you later.” Jonathan stated he then raised the rifle and fired one round striking the victim. Jonathan stated the victim continued to walk away and collapsed in the roadway.

Jonathan stated at the time he shot the victim, he was not in immediate fear for his life. Jonathan stated he shot the victim because he did not want him to come back. When Jonathan was asked if he thought it was a good shooting, he stated he did not think so.”

Hepburn was placed under arrest for Second Degree Murder, and booked into the Polk County Jail, where he remains under no bond. He does not have any prior arrests in Polk County. 

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