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City of Lake Wales Annual Awards

At its annual luncheon in December several City Employees were recognized for going above and beyond in the course of doing their jobs. There were 2 new categories added this year. Citizen Service awards and Team Player awards were presented along with Employee of the Year awards.

city awards2

Doug Riesenbeck, Wastewater Dept, is our Employee of the Year for 2015.

Doug demonstrates on a daily basis leadership qualities and his willingness to help anywhere in the City he is requested with any department. Doug volunteered to take on the responsibility of overseeing and administering a lubrication program at the plant. As a result of his diligence and willingness to do this, the wastewater plant has seen a reduction in energy costs to the point that we will be applying for an Energy Star rating for the plant this year. He watches out for the safety of his fellow workers and corrects safety issues he finds while working throughout the City.


city awards 3


Marcia Loveman, Center, receives her plaque from Kenneth Fields, City Manager and Sandra Davis, Human Resources Director.

Team Player of the Year – Marcia Loveman, Reference Librarian

On a daily basis, Marcia is going above and beyond what would normally be considered a good. If someone comes in with a problem or questions, she doesn’t just answer it, she makes sure that it is thoroughly investigated and the patron leaves completely satisfied. Marcia is always looking for ways to help others she sets the bar very high and takes pride in her job and has never asked her staff to do anything she isn’t willing to. We have been told on numerous occasions that our library is preferred to other libraries due to the service our staff provide and Marcia is an exemplar of that caring heart and total respect for all her co-workers and all who visit our location.


city awards4

Chris Jackson, Karen Morgan (not pictured), Dan Branck – Wastewater Department

Team Player Award, Honorable Mention

This group has followed changes and applied operational procedures that have resulted in the plant being recognized by their peers and environmental professional organizations as one of the best operated wastewater treatment plants in the State of Florida. The plant has been featured in several articles recognizing their accomplishments.


city awards5

Citizen Servant of the Year – Tiffany Holden, Police Department

Officer Holden was dispatched to a call with a family in crisis. She quickly learned no criminal act had occurred, but the family had just been under a significant amount of stress because their daughter had stage 4 liver cancer which was terminal. In speaking to the daughter, Officer Holden learned that the daughter would not be able to attend her high school homecoming dance. Officer Holden’s heart took over and she began a mission to ensure this young lady not only attend the dance, but should would attend in style. As a result of Officer Holden’s efforts the dress, shoes, jewelry and other items were donated. Additionally, Officer Holden  was able to get her a full manicure, pedicure, and transportation to the dance in an Infinity SUV. Ultimately, the young lady was able to attend the dance, complete with a police escort that evening.

Officer Holden set up a GoFundme account which has raised $275.00 so far. Officer Holdens’ effort’s thus far has netted $1,315.00 in donations.

city awards 6

Citizen Servant of the Year, Honorable Mention – Penny Wienk, Customer Service 

An elderly gentleman came in really confused and upset because his lights had been disconnected. Penny calmed him down and told him to wait a few minutes. She found out that he was a veteran and had no family. She contacted the Care Center and also the VA office to see if anyone could help him.  She was able to assist him with the paperwork involved and get him the help that he needed. She provided customer service above and beyond her duties as Customer Service Clerk.

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