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Suspected Out Of Town Car Burglary Thief Learns The Hard-way “Polk County Is Not The Place To Be”

On 11/13/2023 the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Timothy Hogue, DOB: 12/13/1986, who is no stranger to law enforcement was arrested and charged with drug possession, unarmed vehicle burglary, fleeing to elude, and more.

The following is a long exerpt from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions. Certain names of witnesses or victims may be redacted) :

“On 11/13/23 I was directed to respond to the residence located at REDACTED Davenport FL in reference to multiple conveyance burglaries.

I made contact with DS Hurtado (9580) who briefed me on his investigation. I learned on 11/13/23 at approximately 0315 hours VICTIM heard his car alarm activate in front of the above residence. VICTIMreviewed surveillance video and observed a male suspect attempt to enter his vehicle, which is a black Infinity bearing FL tag # REDACTED. VICTIM observed the suspect to return approximately 15 minutes later and called 911. VICTIM was able to provide a suspect vehicle description to responding Deputies. As Deputies arrived in the area, Sgt. Collazo (7789) observed a vehicle matching the suspect description near the crime scene.

Sgt. Collazo attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle, later identified as a white Cadillac bearing FL tag # Y49FYP. The vehicle immediately fled deeper into the neighborhood toward a dead end. The suspect vehicle turned around at the dead end, and continued at a high rate of speed toward the original crime scene. The suspect vehicle crashed into the parked car at the original crime scene. Sgt. Collazo and gave the male driver lawful commands which he did not comply with. Sgt. Collazo deployed his agency issued Taser and was able to take the driver into custody. The driver was identified as Timothy Hogue through DAVID inquires. The vehicle was also occupied by a female in the front passenger seat, who was identified as Rebecca Kozub through DAVID inquires. 

During a neighborhood canvass Deputies discovered additional conveyance burglaries. One occurred atREDACTED. to a white Ford F150 bearing FL tag # REDACTED. The vehicle is owned by REDACTED. A green purse was stolen from this vehicle. The estimated value of this property is $100.00. REDACTED did not give the suspect permission to enter the vehicle or remove her property. This incident was reported under case number 23-46314

An additional conveyance burglary was discovered at REDACTED. Sunglasses and medical paperwork were removed from a Kia SUV bearing FL tag # REDACTED. The estimated value of the property is $20.00. The vehicle belongs to REDACTED. She did not give the suspect permission to enter the vehicle or remove her property. This incident was reported under case number 23-46317.

Two additional conveyance burglaries were located at REDACTED. A Toyota Camry bearing FL tag #REDACTED, belonging to REDACTED was discovered to have been entered, and a purse valued at approximately $300.00 was removed from it. The victim did not give the suspect permission to enter the vehicle or remove her property. An additional Toyota Camry bearing FL tag # REDACTED was also discovered to have been entered. No property was removed from the vehicle. This incident was reported under case number 23-46317.

DS Nester (9575) conducted an inventory search of the suspect’s vehicle. The stolen property from the burglaries which occurred at REDACTEDREDACTED, and REDACTED. were located within the vehicle. Also located during the inventory search was a clear plastic baggie containing .22 grams of methamphetamine, a methamphetamine pipe, and aplastic baggie containing 2.55 grams of cannabis. The methamphetamine tested positive for methamphetamine using a nark test #15. The cannabis was tested with an AP-4 Hemp Typification Test Kit, which yielded a blue result, indicating the presence of more than 1% delta-9 THC.

During a post Miranda interview Timothy Hogue stated he picked up Rebecca and she directed him to the area of the crime scene. Rebecca exited the vehicle and returned with purses he believed to be stolen. Timothy stated he then attempted to enter two separate vehicle, one of which activated the car alarm. The suspect stated he left that vehicle, and returned a short time later to attempt again, but he was unsuccessful. The suspect stated he was able to see law enforcement attempt to stop him, but he “freaked out” and attempted to flee the area. The suspect stated he was fleeing at approximately 80 MPH at the time of the collision. The suspect also stated the narcotics discovered within the vehicle belonged to him.

It was determined both suspects live outside of Polk County FL. 

FCIC/NCIC inquires revealed Timothy Hogue was convicted of petit theft on 2/5/07 in Orange County FL, and grand theft on 8/8/19 in Orange County FL.

Through my investigation I determined due to the facts stated above probable cause exists to charge Timothy Hague with attempted burglary of a conveyance, three counts of burglary of a conveyance, three counts of petit theft with a prior conviction, conspiracy to commit burglary of a conveyance, crossing county lines to commit burglary, fleeing to elude with lights and siren activated, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis, and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

At this time we do not have any details as to whether Rebecca Kozub is being charged in any way. We will up when that information comes available.

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