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Lake Wales Charter School Offers Response to Lake Wales High School Principal Situation

By Kip Kirchberg

The Daily Ridge reached out to Lake Wales Charter School to understand why they would not accept Donna Dunson’s rescinding of her resignation.

Alricky Smith the Interim Superintendent shared his official email response to Donna Dunson below. Link to view email in large format:

Copy of Email provided by Alricky in response to Daily Ridge’s request

Based on information provided it appears that Donna Dunson submitted her resignation on August 6, 2021 in which it was accepted. Interim Superintendent Alricky Smith asked the HR Director to take the necessary steps to fulfil the vacant Lake Wales High School Principal position for the 2022-2023 school year.

The posting provided 44 new applicants to be considered and vetted for interview by the Superintendent. Alricky Smith shared in the email that if Dr. Wayne Rodolfich made a formal request to reopen the posting it would allow Donna Dunson to re-apply and be considered for nomination.

Per Lake Wales Charter School policy (LWCS BP#2021-003) the Superintendent may only recommend nomination or re-nomination of Administrative Staff and Program Directors.

The Superintendent may not promise or imply permanent or guaranteed employment. Ultimately the Superintendent recommends an appointee and the Board Confirms the appointee with an approval.

As witnessed in the Superintendent selection for Dr. Wayne Rodolfich a committee recommended he be appointed as the new Superintendent. As part of the confirmation process the Board voted to accept the nomination. Once the nomination is approved by the board the Board Chair, Danny Gill, enforces what the board voted in favor of and ensures proper policies and procedures are followed.

Here is the Link to previous article about Donna Dunson’s resignation.

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