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Donna Dunson rescinds resignation to stay on as Principal only to be denied by board

By Kip Kirchberg

Recently on social media Donna Dunson announced that she spoke with Dr. Wayne Rodolfich, Lake Wales Charter Schools new superintendent, and he asked Donna if she would consider staying onboard as Principal for another school year. Donna quickly accepted the offer from Dr. Wayne Rodolfich and released a statement to students that was shared on social media explaining that she would be back for one more year.

Donna Dunson’s statement to students

Comments on social media flooded in showing support for Donna’s return. Many parents even expressed that they were excited for the following school year knowing she would be at the helm as principle.

Snippet of positive feedback about Donna’s return

Donna’s return from retirement was short lived. A statement from Donna Dunson was posted on social media that acting Superintendent Alricky Smith and board Chair Danny Gill had declined her offer to rescind her resignation.

Donna’s statement that her resignation would not be rescinded

Donna gave her best wishes in an email that was posted to social media stating she hopes the system will return to its original core values to create an environment where both teachers and students can flourish.

Based on comments left on social media it appears that the parental community is split between two groups. One group is made up of an outside political group looking to influence the schools curriculum, staff, and board. The other group is made up of parents who have children in the school or are a member of the Charter School system.

While on the surface it appears to be very clear that lines have been drawn in the sand, I for one know the Lake Wales Community is better than this. Both sides need to come together and determine some common ground that will allow them to move forward together and once again unify the community.

Latest Posts

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