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Winter Haven Marijuana Deal Goes Bad Leading To Multiple Gunshots In Shopping Plaza, One Man In Hospital & Local Woman Facing Kidnapping, Robbery & Attempted Murder Charges

Indyna Pendleton

Winter Haven, Florida – The Winter Haven Police Department has arrested and charge Indya Lanae Pendleton (DOB: 08/13/2001) with Robbery, Kidnapping and Attempted Murder. According to reports the arrest stems from a drug deal gone bad on January 5th in the Walmart plaza off Cypress Gardens Blvd. According to reports Pendleton and another man allegedly conspired to rob a local drug dealer of $600 worth of Marijuana. The other man, Ray Antonio Davis Jr (DOB: 02/05/2002 who is still hospitalized is also facing charges.

The following is a long excerpt from the Winter Haven Police affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Winter Haven Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions). *Due to Marsys Law the Drug Dealer/Victims name has be redacted. He is not faces charges currently :

On 01/05/2022 at approximately 1727 hours, Winter Haven Police Department (WHPD) officers responded to Winter Haven Hospital, located at 200 Avenue F NE, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida in response to a person shot complaint.

Upon arrival to the hospital, officers made contact with Ray Antonio Davis Jr (b/m, dob: 02/05/2002) and a sworn recorded interview was conducted. During the interview, Davis Jr informed officers he was a passenger in a vehicle driven by Indya Lanae Pendleton (b/f, dob: 08/13/2001) and they were driving around Winter Haven when a vehicle pulled up on the passenger side of their vehicle. Davis Jr advised the occupants of the other vehicle began shooting towards him. Davis Jr said he attempted to move out of the way, but was unsuccessful. Davis Jr told officers he instructed Pendleton to drive him to the hospital for medical treatment.

While officers were investigating the call for service at the hospital with Davis Jr, a 9-1-1 call came into Polk County Sheriffs Office (PCSO) Dispatch reporting a shooting at the Walmart, located at 355 Cypress Gardens Blvd SE, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida The caller advised she witnessed a shooting at 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE in the area of the Walmart listed. The caller reported there were two vehicles and one person jumped out of their vehicle and shot at another person.

As officers were being dispatched to this additional location, and possible scene of the initial shooting, another 91-1 call was received by PCSO Dispatch regarding the shooting. The additional caller identified himself as REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) later identified as REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) informed dispatchers he believed he shot and killed someone in the area of the Walmart plaza near the Which Wich restaurant, located at 303 Cypress Gardens Blvd SE, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) advised someone tried to rob him by putting a gun to his head and he believed he killed the suspect by shooting him a lot. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated the suspect had a gun to his head and was in the back seat and he pulled his own weapon to shoot the suspect. Dispatchers were able to instruct REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) to return to the scene and make contact with officers.

At approximately 1749 hours, I was called-out by supervision to respond and assist WHPD Patrol with the investigation at 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE.

Upon my arrival, I made contact with REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim). REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) provided me with a sworn recorded interview. During the interview, REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) informed me he was contacted by an acquaintance of his named “Indya” who wanted to purchase some “green” from him. The term “green” is slang for Cannabis. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said it was agreed he would meet Indya in the parking lot of the Which Wich restaurant to conduct the transaction. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated he was going to sell Indya a quarter of a pound of Cannabis for $600. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said when he arrived he joined Indya in her vehicle, which was parked on the south side parking lot for the Which Wich restaurant.
During the meeting with Indya, REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated another subject, walked to the vehicle and entered the rear passenger side to sit behind REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim). REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) described the subject as a black male, approximately 5’10” tall, skinny build, with small four (4″) inch twists in his hair. The subject was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt. While talking with Indya about the payment for the Cannabis, REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said the black male subject stated, “I got you,” and pointed a gun at REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim)’s head. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said he attempted to exit the vehicle, but the black male subject grabbed his neck with a free hand and pulled him back into REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim)’s seat with the gun still pointed at REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim)’s head. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said the black male stated “Fuck that,we’re taking you with us,” and told Indya to drive out of the parking lot while the black male subject held REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) forcefully in his seat.

REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) advised he was afraid for his life at that point, did not give the black male permission to touch or keep him in the vehicle, and was prevented from exiting the car as Indya drove with him taking him against his will with them. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated he was fearful he would be shot or killed because the black male still had the handgun pointed at his head while REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) was being prevented from getting out of the car. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) then armed himself with his own handgun, pointed the weapon back at the male and began shooting towards the male. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said near the intersection of 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE, Indya stopped the vehicle and he was able to exit the car when the black male let go of REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim).
REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated after he exited the vehicle, he believed he observed Indya exit the driver’s side of the vehicle, point a handgun at him, and begin shooting in his direction. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) said he then ran to his car and saw Indya drive northbound on 3rd St SE after re-entering the car. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) attempted to give chase to follow the vehicle driven by Indya, but he lost visual of the car in traffic. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated he called 9-1-1 to report the incident, telling dispatch that he believed he killed the black male after shooting him a lot.

REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) informed officers his handgun, a Glock model 22, .40 caliber, handgun, serial # BKKY654, was in his vehicle’s glovebox, with the magazine removed from the handgun. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) vehicle was a black, 2017, 4 door car, bearing REDACTED. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) described Indya’s vehicle as a black, unknown year Nissan Sentra, 4 door car. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) stated when he exited the vehicle; he left behind his black pistol holster, athletic slides, blue iPhone with a clear case, navy blue and black backpack, and Cannabis which was contained in a tied-off sandwich bag. REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) added that he ran back to his vehicle in sock feet.
An area search of the scene at 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE yielded the recovery of a spent projectile found on the pavement near the intersection. The item was collected by PCSO Crime Scene Investigators under related PCSO case number PK22-968.

Detectives were able to track the last know area of REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) cellphone through the LIFE360 application and learned the cellphone was showing near an address of REDACTED, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida. Detectives responded to the area of REDACTED and located a black, 2018 Nissan Sentra, 4 door car, bearing 2022 Florida tag # REDACTED, parked on a grassy area near the sidewalk of REDACTED. Detectives observed an exit bullet hole on the roof oven the passenger side of the vehicle, possible blood in plain view on the back passenger seat, and slides that matched the REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) description in the front seat.
The vehicle is registered to Davis Jr’s mother, REDACTED.
Due to the gunfire damage and presence of blood in the vehicle, the Nissan vehicle was impounded for evidentiary purposes and transported to the WHPD station’s evidence processing bay, located at 125 N Lake Silver Drive NW, in Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida.

Due to the extent of his injuries, Davis Jr was transported from Winter Haven Hospital to the Lakeland Regional Health Hospital, located at 2815 Lakeland Hills Blvd, in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida. Davis Jr underwent surgeries and was intubated and placed in an induced coma during said medical procedures.

On 01/06/2022 at approximately 1140 hours, was able to meet with and conduct a non-custodial sworn recorded interview with Pendleton at her mother’s residence of REDACTED, in Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. Pendleton confirmed she understood she did not have to provide an interview and was not being detained, but agreed to talk with detectives about the incident from the day prior in the Which Wich restaurant parking lot.

During her interview, Pendleton stated she did go to the Which Wich parking lot with Davis Jr to meet a white boy for the purpose of conducting a narcotics exchange involving an “eighth of weed” or Cannabis. Pendleton said she didn’t know the white boy’s name. Pendleton was in the driver’s seat of the vehicle she and Davis Jr were in. Pendleton confirmed the vehicle was Davis Jr’s mother’s vehicle. Pendleton said Davis Jr went into the Which Wich restaurant to use the restroom when the white boy located her in the parking lot and entered the front passenger seat of her vehicle.

Pendleton said Davis Jr returned and entered the rear passenger seat of the vehicle and she noticed the white boy’s face turn red as if he was upset at Davis Jr. Pendleton said the white boy asked how they were going to pay for it, by using an app or cash. Pendleton stated Davis Jr said he could pay for it and went to reach for some cash in his pocket when the white boy produced a gun and began shooting back towards Davis Jr, still seated in the rear of the car. Pendleton stated she “got blind to everything” at that point. Pendleton said she recalled jumping out of the car and seeing the white boy looking at her and pointing the gun at her. Pendleton stated she looked back at Davis Jr and saw blood everywhere, so she rushed Davis Jr to the hospital.
Pendleton said when they reached the Winter Haven Hospital, Davis Jr told her to drop him off, go drop of the car near his home and don’t talk with anyone about the incident. Pendleton said Davis Jr didn’t want his parents to know about the shooting. Pendleton said, “That’s what I did.” In review, Pendleton told me the white boy got out of the vehicle near Which Wich and she noticed Davis Jr had been shot when she drove to the stop sign at 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE.
A search warrant (SAO SW #22-19) was authored by WHPD detectives for the seized 2018 Nissan Sentra, VIN # REDACTED. At the execution of the search warrant, detectives recovered the following items described by REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) as being left by him in the vehicle at the time of the shooting:

  • a black holster for the Glock model 22 handgun belonging to REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim).
  • a black and blue back pack.
  • a pair of black and white Nike brand slides/shoes.
    The search process of the Nissan Sentra under the search warrant also revealed the following items:
  • apparent blood in the rear passenger seat portion of the vehicle.
  • spent ammunition casings (multiple).
  • apparent ammunition jacketing (multiple).
  • a Ruger model EC9s, 9mm handgun, serial #45613252 (with a “stove-piped spent 9mm casing in the ejection port.)

  • Video footage collected from area businesses further supported REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) statement that the black Nissan Sentra travelled along the back alley way behind the Which Wich restaurant, northbound to the intersection of 3rd St SE and Post Avenue SE, where REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim) could be seen exiting the vehicle at this location and fleeing back southbound on foot away from the Nissan Sentra. Also captured was Pendleton exiting the driver’s side door of the black Nissan Sentra, turning in the direction of REDACTED(Drug Dealer/Victim), then re-entering the Nissan Sentra to drive away from the area northbound on 3rd St SE from Post Avenue SE. Based on the totality of the circumstances listed above, the following charges are being filed against Pendleton:
  • Armed Kidnapping
  • Robbery With A Firearm
  • Attempted Felony Murder
  • Tampering With Physical Evidence

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