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Man Wanted for Occupied Burglary of a Vehicle, Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card, Grand Theft, and Criminal Use of Personal Identification

Release by Polk County Sheriff’s Office:
Wyatt Daniel Jordan, 19, hailing from the Haven of Winter, is wanted. No, not in that way. He’s wanted by the Sheriff’s Office.

He’s our #WarrantOfTheDay.

On October 22nd, after going out for dinner, drinks, and partaking in a bit of the wacky weed, Wyatt drove his friend (who is also the victim of this sordid tale) to a home in the Haven of Winter. The victim was asleep in the passenger seat. The victim told detectives the she was a hard sleeper and tired from the recreational activities of the evening.

Wyatt, being the nice guy that he is, rolled down the car window and climbed out of it, quietly, so as to not wake the sleeping victim with the noise of the car door closing. Maybe one reason for the quiet escape was because he liberated the victim’s cell phone and debit card. And by liberated we mean stole.

The victim woke up around midnight and noticed the items and Wyatt were missing. Hmm. So she went to Wyatt’s house to ask him about it. She also decided to check her bank account (smart lady) and lo and behold, there were numerous unauthorized charges which totally wiped out her bank account. She told Wyatt she was going to call the police, but Wyatt told her to wait another day, which she did. The time expired and she called us. The victim told detectives that she believed Wyatt knows her debit card pin number, but that he did not have permission to sneak out and run up a tab.

Recently, detectives obtained video from the WaWa store located at 1490 3rd St SW, Winter Haven, showing, and confirming, our thieving culprit using the stolen debit card at the ATM inside the store. He was wearing blue athletic shorts – no shoes/socks or shirt. Wyatt also had his hair in a bun on the top of his head and a tattoo on his left shoulder with the word “STONER.” We don’t think that related to his stone masonry.

Wyatt is now a wanted man with charges of occupied burglary of a vehicle, fraudulent use of a credit card, grand theft, and criminal use of personal identification.

If you have any information about Wyatt Daniel Jordan’s whereabouts, please call the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at 863-298-6200, or if you’d like to remain anonymous, you can call Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-TIPS (8477). Anonymity is guaranteed!

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