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Volunteer at Meals on Wheels in Winter Haven

April showers bring May flowers and 10 reasons to volunteer with Meals on Wheels this spring and summer.

Butterflies like to gather around flowers, but social butterflies are people who like to gather around people. A social butterfly is someone who loves company and moves from one person to another easily, like a butterfly would fly between flowers. A ray of sunshine is someone or something that makes you feel happy.  Something or someone who makes you feel good and happy for the rest of the day. Someone who is a ray of sunshine can really brighten up your day. A daisy is a type of flower. If you’re fresh as a daisy, you’re healthy and full of energy. This is like the way you feel after delivering meals. May’s flowers Hawthorn and Lily-of-the-Valley mean hope and sweetness with the return of happiness. 

1. You’re needed- Volunteers give an organization the chance to use the financial resources that they have for the main cause. This means more money goes directly to those who need help. As a volunteer, you are a valuable gem that’s truly appreciated. Just by helping out you save an organization a fortune in fees. Giving of your time is a donation to change.

2. Build a communityDepending on where you decide to focus your volunteering efforts, you make a real difference in the lives of those who the organization serves. These efforts build up various elements that make up an entire community. A few of these elements within a community include:

3. Well being boosterBelieve it or not, by giving of your time for a good cause does wonders for your physical and mental health. Your stress levels are reduced and your mood improves.

4. A learning roadVolunteering helps you learn different things about people and cultures which lead to your personal and professional growth.

5. Social responsibilityAs a volunteer you choose to invest your efforts into a community and the people who live in it. You’re providing a valuable service to the community and are giving back through social responsibility. If only everyone did something so selfless.

6. Gain work experienceBeing involved in any organization is great work experience.

7. Self-esteem builderYou’re exposed to a community you’re often not used to being a part of and you learn so many new things. Your new found knowledge is coupled with the fact that you feel absolutely great because you’re helping others.

8. Give backIt’s an opportunity for people to support community resources or that they know makes a lot of difference to uplift a community.

9. Team work for the nationVolunteers are the ones who bring a great sense of team work and camaraderie to an organization. They are involved with many different types of people from a host of different cultures and walks of life.

10. Making a differenceEvery volunteer can make a difference. Don’t underestimate your potential.

Mission: The Meals on Wheels Volunteers and Staff work with our community, businesses, organizations, churches and individuals to provide a hot, nutritious meal and a daily contact to the homebound of Polk County.

Share Your Love!!! Become part of the Meals on Wheels family this spring/summer or all year long. Volunteer in the kitchen, thrift store and/or deliver meals to the homebound. Meals on Wheels of Polk County, 620 6th St NW, Winter Haven, FL 33881 (863) 299-1616, www.mealsonwheelspolk.com; facebook.com/mealsonwheelspolkcounty; [email protected]

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