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Uber Driver Without A Valid License Gives A Couple In Polk For Their Wedding A Ride They Will Never Forget

From PCSO Press Release

27-year old Elijah Mills from Maitland is an Uber driver, but we wouldn’t recommend him to anyone.

On the night of October 24th, at around 9:37pm, Elijah was Ubering a couple from the United Kingdom.

The couple, Marc and Riannon are in Polk County to attend a wedding next week—theirs.

As they were traveling on US 27 in the Four Corners area of Davenport, a PCSO deputy got behind them. And then came a few more deputies. And then the deputies boxed-in Elijah’s Chevy Equinox and forced it to stop.

Marc Rianna taking photos with the Popo

Why? Because it wasn’t really Elijah’s Chevy Equinox. Elijah rented the vehicle from a company in Orange County, and then decided to stop making payments on the vehicle. So the rental company reported it as stolen.

Elijah even told our deputies that the rental company would call him every day, but he refused to answer because he knew they would ask him about the payments.

Then Elijah told our deputies something really wild. He said that the rental company equips their vehicles with a device that keeps the vehicle from restarting, in case people stop making their payments. So, Elijah had kept the Chevy Equinox running…for THREE STRAIGHT WEEKS!

Deputies arrested Elijah.

As for Marc and Riannon—the deputies posed with the happy couple for a quick photo, then gave them a free ride to where they are staying.

The deputies also gave Elijah a free ride, but it was to the Polk Pokey. There he was charged with Grand Theft Motor Vehicle and Driving While License Suspended or Revoked. Yep…Elijah, the driver-for-hire didn’t even have a valid driver’s license.

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