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Polk County Woman Charged With Illegally Using A Police Officers Stolen Credit Card Number To Order Papa John’s Pizza.

Ayzia Quintanilla

Lake Wales, Florida – The Lake Wales Police Department has arrested Ayzia Quintanilla (DOB: 05/31/2000) and charged her with Fraudulent Use Of A Credit Card, Obtain Property By Fraud, & Criminal Use Of Personal Identification. The charges stem from an incident that occurred on January 3rd. That’s when police allege Quintanilla used the stolen credit card number of one of their police officers to buy pizza from the local Papa John’s. Quintanilla was currently on bond for a previous arrest of trafficking in narcotics and other charges.

The following is a long excerpt from the Lake Wales Police Department affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Lake Wales Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions).

“On 1/03/2022, I was informed by Officer Sarah Sittnick, she was a victim of Identity Theft, Fraud, and Obtain Property by Fraudulent Means. Officer Sarah Sittnick stated she got a notification that her Debit Card was used to order a pizza from Papa Johns located at 2006 State Road 60 East, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. The total of this transaction was S32.69.

Detective Hartwell travelled to Papa Johns and was informed the pizza and wings ordered with the name Sarah Sittnick and was delivered to 541 W. Central Avenue #223 Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. This location is a hotel named the Vintage Inn.

Detective Hartwell and I travelled to 541 W. Central Avenue #223, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida and knocked on the door. Ayzia Quintanilla answered the door at which time Detective Hartwell and I could both clearly see Papa Johns Boxes within the room. Detective Hartwell then asked Quintanilla if she ordered and received a pizza from Papa Johns today. Quintanilla answered “no” but explained she did yesterday. Quintanilla Then picked up a Papa Johns Box from near the door and handed it to Detective Hartwell showing it was an old box. Detective Hartwell then pointed at what seemed to be a new Papa Johns Box in the back of the room that could be seen when the door was answered and asked when she ordered that box. Quintanilla began to stutter and became extremely nervous. Detective Hartwell asked if she would bring the box to him so he could see if it was fresh. Quintanilla walked the Pizza Box to Detective Hartwell and handed it to him. Detective Hartwell inspected the box and on the label it showed the pizza was intended for a Sarah S and was the order that was fraudulently ordered using Officer Sarah Sittnick’s Card. It should be noted this entire interaction was a consensual encounter.

I asked Quintanilla where she worked at which time she answered Dunkin Donuts located at 24195 US-27 N, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. It was later learned Officer Sarah Sittnick recently used her card at the Dunkin Donut’s where Quintanilla worked.

I then travelled to Quintanilla work and reviewed the video of the day Officer Sarah Sittnick conducted the transaction, Which was 01/01/2022 at 0855 hours. In the video I observed Officer Sarah Sittnick pull up to the drive through window where Quintanilla checked her out. Officer Sarah Sittnick handed her Debit Card to Quintanilla, while checking her out. Quintanilla appears to use her phone to take a photo of the Debit Card.

Quintanilla willfully and without authorization fraudulently used personal identification information concerning Officer Sarah Sittnick. Quintanilla did so first without obtaining the consent of Officer Sarah Sittnick.
Quintanilla used Officer Sarah Sittnick’s Debit Card to fraudulently obtain food from Papa Johns. Quintanilla engaged in a scheme to defraud. Quintanilla thereby obtained food from Papa Johns using Officer Sarah Sittnick’s Debit Card.
Quintanilla is on pretrial release. There is probable cause to believe, based on this arrest, that the defendant has committed a offense while on pretrial release.

Quintanilla is being charged with fraudulent use of Credit Card, Criminal Use of Personal Identification, and Obtain Property by Fraudulent Means.

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