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Pamlico Air To Bring 200 Jobs To Lake Wales

Pamlico Air To Bring 200 Jobs To Lake Wales

by James Coulter

During times like these, we all need fresh air to breathe. Not only is one manufacturer helping provide fresh air through its high-quality filters, but it’s also providing local economic development by creating new job opportunities.

Pamlico Air, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of high-quality air filters and air filtration products and equipment, is moving into the former Findley Building on Scenic Highway in Lake Wales and bringing with it 200 job openings.

Melissa Muñoz, human resource manager for the Lake Wales division, mentioned that the vacant building had been selected for their new location due to its immense space, providing it with enough room for its corporate office duties and storage space for its merchandise.

Furthermore, Lake Wales was selected as the city for their new location due to its rural environment, affording Pamlico Air an opportunity to extend its outreach to a different demographic.

“We came out to Lake Wales because we were looking at the demographics where…we could really create an impact on the environment with the people and try to bring jobs to [an area] that is a little more rural,” Muñoz explained.

Founded last year, Pamlico Air utilizes more than a century’s worth of business experience and expertise to manufacture and distribute high-quality air filters and other air filtration products. The company started in North Carolina, and has since started expanding into other states including Texas and Florida.

“Our customer-first and family-oriented principles make us professional yet personal in our business strategy,” their website states. “With a strong desire to leave a legacy for our communities, Pamlico Air strives to improve the air filtration industry and create products that lead to better health and wellness for our customers.”

While the current COVID-19 crisis may have created an obstacle for the company, as the pandemic has for many small and big businesses, Pamlico Air still maintains high expectations for its new location. They expect to hire 200 new employees, and have already hired 62 employees thus far, Muñoz said.

“If everything calms down, we are expected to start expansion in the next couple of months to another portion as far as our warehouse is concerned,” she said. “That is exciting because that opens up job opportunities for people who will work the construction aspect of that industry. Indirectly it will create jobs, and I am excited about that as well.”

While Pamlico Air expects to expand its operations and outreach in a new community, Lake Wales can expect economic development through the creation of new jobs at the facility, as well as interpersonal customer service through their business.

“They can expect to deal with a lot of people who are really honest in the way they deal with business practices and the way they deal with people interpersonally,” she said. “Our goal is to impact the community in a positive way, and really be different from other manufacturing companies and make it like a family environment where everyone feels good coming into work and what they do.”

For more information on Pamlico Air, visit their website at: https://pamlico-air.com

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