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Polk County Native Witnesses U.S. Navy Hospital Ship “The Comfort” As it Passes By Fort Hamilton Army Heading to Dock in Manhattan

<br>Picture Credit to Jamie Greene<br>Also picked up by CNN Newsroom and Twitter

Daily Ridge Reader and Polk County Native living in New York witnessed this view from Fort Hamilton Army Base this morning as the U.S. Navy Hospital Ship, The Comfort, arrives to provide relief in Manhattan, New York.

For many New Yorkers this is a welcome site to see as hospitals are overwhelmed by the Coronavirus Pandemic. New York hospitals are at full capacity and are unable to treat people with conditions other than covid-19. The Comfort has been called in due to New York being the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The ship is equipped with 1,000 beds and 12 operating rooms, a medical laboratory and over 1,000 Navy Officers. The Comfort will be able to help patients who do not have the covid-19 virus.

According to New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, having this naval hospital docked will be like adding a whole new hospital to the city.

This should help bring reprieve and support where it is needed the most.

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