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Tuff Shed Brings Tough Sheds To Lakeland

Tuff Shed Brings Tough Sheds To Lakeland

by James Coulter

You’re an American. You have a lot of stuff. You need a place to stuff your stuff. And you want that place to be tough. If you’re looking for a tough shed to stuff your stuff, then consider finding one from Tuff Shed in Lakeland.

Located between Mulberry and Lakeland, Tuff Shed offers a diverse selection of outdoor structures that are sure to look good and stand tall and strong. No matter what size, color, style, or type of structure you’re looking for, chances are that Tuff Shed has a building for you.

Stop by the showroom and see what the store has to offer. Look through their many options and customize your design to your own liking. Once you’ve selected the structure that you want, your purchase will be assembled on-site in as little time as possible. No need to assemble it yourself. Just let the professionals handle it for you at no additional cost.

“Our approach [is] letting the customer decide,” explained Phil Worth, VP of Marketing. “You can customize the building to fit your needs and wants…I find that we offer more choices to customers than a production homebuilder typically does.”

Since 1981, Tuff Sheds has been offering quality, custom-designed outdoor structures, and now has 57 factories and 156 total locations nationwide. The company opened its first Florida location in Tampa in 2005, with the Lakeland storefront being their ninth location in the state.

Customers purchasing a shed or garage from the Lakeland location will have their building manufactured at the company’s factory in Tampa, then delivered and assembled on-site by local installers. “With Lakeland growing, we saw an opportunity to better service customers in the area with our great products,” explained factory GM Jason Pelfrey. “It’s also an opportunity to go in and create jobs in the community.”

Their newest location, nestled between Mulberry and Lakeland, currently supports one sales person and will eventually generate $1.5 million in annual sales. They expect to grow their business to hopefully create another sales position and hire additional subcontractors, with several crews underneath them to fill the needs of the local community.

For the past 38 years, Tuff Shed has grown its now nationwide service footprint through its unique approach to customer service. Their business is dedicated to offering customers quality and variety in a convenient, timely, and hassle-free manner.

“People are amazed when we show up, and five hours later, they have a completed shed, so we are not in your backyard for days and days,” Worth said. “This is a people business and we understand that. So we want to make sure that comes through how we take care of our customers. We make good on our promises of quality.”

Aside from offering personable customer service to individual customers, their company also specializes in offering personable service that cater to specific local communities. Tuff Shed understands that building codes and requirements vary from place to place, so they focus on providing “hyper-localized” support where their teams are able to meet local needs according to local standards.

“Getting a Tuff Shed building gives you easy access to your things,” Worth said. “You don’t have to drive across town to get to a rented storage unit. The cost is surprisingly low, and having one of our buildings can actually improve your property value.”

Tuff Shed Lakeland is located at 2220 N. Church Ave N., Mulberry, FL 33860. For more information, call 863-354-3898, or visit their website at: https://www.tuffshed.com.


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