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Lakeland Man Dies After Suspected Consumption of Methamphetamine

Early Tuesday morning February 26 at about 1:59 a.m. deputies responded to a residence on Beulah Church Road regarding a boyfriend causing a disturbance. A woman reported that her boyfriend, Matthew Egan, was driving up and down the road and wouldn’t leave her alone. A deputy located 27-year-old Matthew Egan sitting in his Chevy truck near the incident location. Egan told the deputy he was in the area checking on his girlfriend.

Egan also said that he was currently on probation for burglary and assault and that he was out past his curfew. The deputy confirmed that he was in violation of his probation conditions. A search of Egan’s vehicle resulted in the location of a clear plastic baggie containing a white residue and multiple clear rocks on the floorboard. The residue and rocks would later test presumptive positive for Methamphetamine.

During the interaction with Mr. Egan, he complained of an increased heart rate and anxiety. Deputies called for EMS-they responded to assess his condition and then transported him to LRHMC for treatment. Egan had a blood screen at the hospital that had a positive result for methamphetamine. It is believed that Mr. Egan consumed an unknown amount of Methamphetamine prior to being detained by the deputy. Egan’s condition deteriorated in the hospital, and he was placed on life support. On Wednesday, February 27, Mr. Egan’s family made the decision to remove him from life support. He was taken off of life support and was declared deceased at 3:18 p.m. Wednesday.

There was no physical confrontation or use of force with Mr. Egan during his interaction with deputies. He was compliant and did not resist PCSO members.

It is standard PCSO policy for four separate mandated, independent investigations to be conducted when a person dies in the process of or after being detained, transported by, or being held in custody by Sheriff’s deputies or while in a detention facility. The PCSO Administrative Investigations Section is conducting an internal review. The PCSO Bureau of Criminal Investigations is conducting the death investigation. The Polk County Medical Examiner conducts the autopsy to determine the manner and cause of death. All of the investigative findings will be forwarded to the State Attorney’s Office for their investigation.

Mr. Egan would have faced charges of:

  • Possession of methamphetamine (F-3)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia (M-1)
  • Violation of probation (M-2)

Eagan’s criminal history includes the following:

11/13/2006 – Pasco CSO

Burglary with Assault or Battery

Arson – Dwelling Building People Present

Arson – Resulting in Injury to Another

03/14/2007 – Pasco CSO

Grand Theft

Armed Trespass

Possession of Marijuana

06/14/2007 – Pasco CSO

Operate M/Vehicle w/o Valid DL

08/14/2007 – Pasco CSO

Grand Theft

01/09/2008 – Pasco CSO

Operate M/Vehicle w/o Valid DL

06/12/2011 – LPD

Aggravated Stalking

Aggravated Stalking

Violation of Injunction for Protection

Criminal Mischief

Cyber Stalking

Burglary w/Assault or Battery


Violation of Injunction for Protection

“Methamphetamine is a catastrophically dangerous drug. This is certainly a sad reminder of the dangers of methamphetamine use. Our sympathies and condolences are with the friends and families of those who die as a result of drug overdoses. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs, please get help. There is no good outcome for those who repeatedly abuse drugs or alcohol.” -Grady Judd, Sheriff


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