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Couple Charged With Falsifying Document on PCSO Letterhead


PCSO deputies have charged a Polk County Jail inmate with criminal use of personal identification, and issued a warrant for his girlfriend’s arrest for the same, after a business in Plant City (Reddy Ice) received what appeared to be a letter from PCSO on PCSO letterhead, in an attempt to retain the inmate’s employment.

Inmate Marco Sullivan, DOB 5/30/85, was arrested on July 24, 2017, by LPD for DWLSR, resisting arrest, fleeing to elude, and an Orange County warrant. He is being held on no bond for the out-of-county warrant. His girlfriend, Martisha Wilson, DOB 7/20/71, also has an Orange County warrant for her arrest.

The couple came up with an idea to create a fake letter, on PCSO letterhead, and send it to Sullvan’s employer, Reddy Ice, so that he could keep his job while absent. The letter appears below.

“You can’t make this stuff up! Here’s a bit of advice – if you’re going to try to dupe someone into thinking you’re working with law enforcement, you should probably use a real name (we don’t have anyone here named Mike Singleton) and maybe not have misspelled words. And by the way, fabricating a letter from the Sheriff is against the law.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff



The following is an excerpt from their affidavits, and is self-explanatory:

On 08-03-2017, a Reddy Ice representative contacted the Polk County Sheriff’s Office to verify a letter that had been sent to their company by an employee’s girlfriend. The letter was typed on letterhead displaying the name of Sheriff Grady Judd. The letter is signed by hand with the name of Mike Singleton. 

It is indicated in the letter that Marco Sullivan (employee of Reddy Ice) is doing a special detail which is confidential for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office ATF Investigation Unit. The letter stated Sullivan will be working with the unit for 6 months or less and “do to the severity of the case” they cannot “enclose any farther information”. (Any typographical or grammatical errors noted are as typed in the letter). A telephone number of 863-855-4150 is listed in the letter for the recipient to read if there are any concerns. The letter is signed “Sincerely, Mike Singleton.” 

Contact was made with a Reddy Ice supervisor who is Sullivan’s supervisor. He advised that on 07-24-2017 he received a text message from 863-399-3520 from someone posing as Sullivan and advising Sataros that he was unable to report to work due to having the flu. He advised he received a telephone call on 07/27/17 from telephone number 863-399-3520 and the female caller who identified herself as Sullivan’s girlfriend advised him that Sullivan had signed up to work with the police. He advised he has met Sullivan’s girlfriend several times at Reddy Ice and Sullivan introduced her as his girlfriend, Shanell. I showed the supervisor a photograph of Martisha Wilson and without hesitation he advised that is the same person Sullivan introduced as his girlfriend. 

The supervisor advised he told Wilson that he will need a letter from the agent stating Sullivan is working with them. He advised her he would need the “agent” to send him a letter in order to keep Sullivan employed at Reddy Ice. He advised he received the letter on 8-2-2017 via e-mail. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office verified this letter did not come from the law enforcement agency and Marco Sullivan is not being used as a confidential informant. Additionally, an employee with the name of Mike Singleton is not and has not been employed with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. 

Polk County Sheriff’s detectives entered Marco Sullivan’s information into the Polk County Sheriff’s Office database and determined Sullivan has been incarcerated since 07/24/17 at the South County Jail for unrelated Lakeland Police Department charges. Detectives responded to the South County Jail and made contact with Sullivan. They conducted an interview during which Sullivan admitted telling his girlfriend, “Lisa Wilson” he needed to give his employer, Reddy Ice, a fraudulent letter in order to keep his employment. Sullivan was shown the letter and admitted it was fraudulent. He stated he did not instruct Wilson to use PCSO letterhead or come up with the name Mike Singleton. He does not know where the letterhead came from or the name Mike Singleton. 

Detectives determined the telephone number 863-399-3520 belonged to Martisha Wilson. On 08-4-2017 Martisha Wilson’s information was entered into NCIC/FCIC which revealed an active warrant out of Orange County for FTA -Theft (2nd prior conviction). The warrant was entered 02-02-2016 and the warrant number is W285488492. Attempts are made to locate Martisha Wilson with negative results. 

In-person contact was made with Sullivan. After Miranda via agency-issued Miranda card, Sullivan advised he was not telling on the person who wrote the letter. Sullivan advised they were just trying to help him keep his job. Sullivan stated, “If you want to charge someone, charge me. It was my idea. I will take all the charges.” Sullivan advised he did not think the letter was a big deal and refused to advise who wrote it. 

Martisha Wilson willfully and without authorization possessed the personal name of Grady Judd with the intent to fraudulently use without permission. Martisha Wilson discussed the details of Marco Sullivan’s arrest on 07/24/17 with Sullivan. Due to their lengthy relationship, Martisha Wilson knew or should have known that Marco Sullivan was not employed for or working with law enforcement. Multiple conversations were held between Martisha Wilson and Sullivan clearly indicating she knows the letter exists to include her reading the letter to Sullivan and by doing such, she has engaged in deception with the intent to defraud.

Sullivan’s Criminal History (23 felonies, 11 misdemeanors, 10 years state prison):

  • 07/24/2017 – LPD – Out of County Warrant (Orange County), Fleeing to Elude, Resist LEO, Knowingly DWLSR
  • 01/12/2017 – Orange County SO – Viol of Probation
  • 01/09/2017 – LPD – Out of County Warrant (Orange County)
  • 11/24/2015 – Orlando PD – Poss Cocaine, Poss Drug Para, Resist LEO, Poss Firearm by Convicted Felon, Poss Ammo by Convicted Felon
  • 03/30/2005 – Orlando PD – Robbery with Firearm, Agg Battery, Petit Theft, Person Crime – Commit Specified Felony and Cause Bodily Injury
  • 12/20/2004 – Orlando PD- Poss Marija wit Sell, Resist LEO
  • 11/04/2004 – Orange County SO – Contempt of Court (3 counts)
  • 04/19/2004 – Orlando PD – Poss Cocaine wit Sell w/in 1000′
  • 01/09/2003 – Orange County SO – Contempt, Probation Violation
  • 12/12/2002 – Orange County SO – Probation Violation
  • 10/17/2000 – Orlando PD – Contempt
  • 06/06/2000 – Orange County SO – Vehicle Theft
  • 05/29/2000 – Orlando PD – Burglary, Motor Vehicle Larceny (2 counts)
  • 02/11/2000 – Orange County SO – Battery, Escape, Grand Larceny, Damage Prop, Probation Violation (4 counts)
  • 01/20/2000 – Orange County SO – Battery
  • 01/25/1998 – Orlando PD – Grand Larceny
  • 11/30/1997 – Orlando PD – Grand Larceny
  • 07/18/1997 – Orange County SO- Burglary (2 counts), Grand Larceny
  • 04/16/1997 – Orlando PD – Burglary, Poss Burglary Tools

Wilson’s Criminal History (18 felonies, 10 misdemeanors, 3 years state prison):

  • 01/22/2015 – Orlando PD – Grand Theft, Scheme to Defraud, Escape
  • 05/02/2008 – Orange County SO – Escape
  • 03/13/2006 – FDLE – Probation Violation (2 counts)
  • 12/14/2005 – LWPD – Probation Violation, Felony Petit Theft, Poss Marijuana
  • 11/03/2005 – LPD – Probation Violation
  • 07/30/2002 – LPD – Agg battery, Forgery, Utter Forged Instrument, False ID Given to LEO, Display Cause Permit Display Altered DL, DWLSR
  • 03/17/2000 – Highlands County SO – Agg Battery, Robbery
  • 02/04/2000 – LPD – Probation Violation (4 counts), Robbery, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Agg Assault with Deadly Weapon
  • 09/25/1999 – New Port Richey PD – Shoplifting, Resist Merchant
  • 11/17/1997 – PCSO – Petit Larceny
  • 06/08/1997 – WHPD – Petit Larceny, Grand Larceny
  • 12/05/1995 – Hillsborough County SO – Invasion by Larceny (Grand Theft), Forgery, Uttering a Forged Instrument, Stolen Property (Credit Card), Fraudulent Use of Credit Card
  • 09/24/1991 – Tampa PD – Shoplifting

Martisha Wilson has a Polk County warrant for her arrest, for criminal use of personal identification. She also has an Orange County warrant, and is believed to be in the Orlando area. She is 5’4″ tall, 150 lbs. 

If anyone has information on her whereabouts, they are urged to contact PCSO at 863-298-6200. Or to remain anonymous and be eligible for a CASH REWARD, contact Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-TIPS (8477). Anonymity is guaranteed!



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