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Lake Wales City Commissioner Allegedly Held Pocket Knife To Girlfriends Neck & Punches Her Repeatedly


Lake Wales, Florida – According to the Lake Wales Police on July 30, 2017, Curtis Lee Gibson Jr., a Lake Wales City Commissioner, was arrested for Aggravated Assault- Domestic Violence and Battery Domestic Violence.

The incident arose when Gibson and his girlfriend, victim, of 4 years, who also lives with Gibson and their 4 children, got into a verbal arguement,according to reports. The victim was reportedly tending to one of the children when the Gibson allegedly instructed the child to “bad mouth” their own mother. The victim stated that Gibson told the child to tell their mother to “shut up.” This made the victim mad so she snapped a hair bow towards the Gibson’s direction.

This allegedly angered Gibson so he approached the victim in an aggressive manner. According to reports as soon as Gibson was within arm’s reach, he allgedly punched the victim. The punch reportedly made contact with the victim’s left shoulder. In return, the victim swung back at Gibson. When asked, the victim was not sure if she had made contact. The victim stated, “I’m pretty sure I hit him.”

Soon after this exchange, Gibson allegedly grabbed the victim’s arm and twisted it behind her back. This was done in an attempt to restrain the victim at that moment. Reportedly at the same time, the victim is trying to reach for the bed in an attempt to reach for any object to hit Gibson in an attempt to get Gibson away from her. The victim stated when Gibson had her r arm behind her back, this caused her pain and she was trying to get Gibson to stop.

Once both Gibson and victim were near the bed, the victim grabbed a hanger and hit Gibson in an attempt to get him to stop hitting her. Gibson allegedly continued his onslaught by punching the victim multiple times. The victim then grabbed a hair brush and hit Gibson again. The victim then grabbed a set of nail clippers which, allegedly, inadvertently scratched Gibson as she attempted to stop his advance.

After victim’s futile attempts to stop the defendant from allegedly battering her, Gibson reached into his shorts pocket and allegedly produced a pocket knife. Once the pocket knife was produced, the victim began to scream and go for her cell phone. The victim was trying to call for help. At the same time, Gibson allegedly lunged at the victim in an aggressive manner. Gibson opened the pocket knife and allegedly pushed the victim onto the bed. Once on the bed, Gibson jumped on top of the victim while still holding the pocket knife in an aggressive manner. Once Gibson was on top of the victim, he allegedly placed the pocket knife onto the victim’s neck While having the pocket knife on the victim’s neck, Gibson allegedly stated; “you trying to pierce me? You trying to pierce me?” “I should stick you right now, I should stick you right now.” “Do you know what I can do to you right now? Do you know what I can do to you right now?” Gibson allegedly made the reference to “sticking” the victim meaning he should have stabbed the victim.

Reportedly soon after Gibson made this statement, the victim quickly begged for the him to get off of her. Once Gibson got up, the victim walked towards the bathroom where the he allegedly grabbed the victim again. Once Gibson was restraining the victim, he allegedly held the victim up against the bedroom dresser. The victim attempted to call 911, but hung up. As soon as the victim hung the phone up, Gibson elected to call 911 himself.

Gibson was placed under arrest for Aggravated Assault-Domestic Violence per FSS 784.021 (1) (a) and Battery-Domestic Violence 784.03 (1) (a) (1). The pocketknife and nail clippers used during this incident were seized for evidence. The victim and Gibson did not require medical attention while on scene. Gibson was transported to Polk County Jail.

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