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Red Light Runner High On Meth Causes Crash Resulting In Death

Picture Compliments of DailyRidge.com ReaderPolk County Sheriff’s Office traffic homicide deputies are investigating a crash that occurred at approximately 12:05 p.m. this afternoon at Duff Road and Green Road. The intersection was completely shut down and is now open.

The investigation shows that a maroon Ford pick-up truck being driven by 36-year-old Peter Higgins of Lakeland was travelling west bound on Duff Road and ran through a red light at the Green Road intersection and collided with a south bound white Nissan pickup truck being driven by 55-year-old Scott Davis of LakelandMr. Davis had a green light. 22-year-old Ms. Kimberlynn Hendrix of Lakeland was a passenger in the Ford Pick-up. 84-year-old Mr. Jack Cairnes of Lakeland was a passenger in the white pickup truck.

Mr. Cairnes died from his injuries. Higgins, Hendrix, and Davis have been transported to LRHMCthey are all in serious condition.

Peter Higgins has a serious, extensive criminal history that includes 28 felony charges, 21 misdemeanor charges, 11 unknown level charges, and 1 failure to appear in court. He has been incarcerated in Florida State Prison five times. Deputies have learned that Higgins admitted to a witness after the crash that he had taken methamphetamine this morning.

The crash investigation is continuing with criminal traffic and other charges likely against Higgins.

Peter Higgins

Higgins’ previous charges include: 12/13/2016 – PCSO, Poss Meth, Poss Drug Para; 08/22/2014 – PCSO, Failure to Appear; 07/20/2014 – PCSO, Poss F/arm Ammo by Conv Felon, Poss Meth, Poss Drug Para, Prob Violation; 12/18/2013 – PCSO, Prob Violation; 08/27/2013 – PCSO, DWLSR, Poss Meth, Poss Drug Para; 11/06/2012 – PCSO, Poss Meth, Poss Drug Para, Prob Violation; 09/25/2012 – PCSO, Prob Violation; 11/01/2011 – PCSO, Battery, Prob Violation; 08/28/2009 – FHP, DWLSR; 02/07/2009 – Seminole County SO, Out of County Warrant; 10/06/2008 – Seminole County SO, Prob Violation; 06/12/2008 – Seminole County SO, Prob Violation; 02/23/2007 – PCSO, Resist LEO; 02/21/2007 – PCSO, Leave Scene of Crash, DWLSR; 02/19/2007 – PCSO, Fleeing to Elude; 12/16/2006 – Seminole County SO, Prob Violation; 12/08/2006 – Dept of Corrections, Prob Violation; 02/01/2006 – Seminole County SO, DWLSR (Habitual); 02/18/2005 – PCSO, Viol Probation, Viol Probation; 02/16/2005 – PCSO, False ID Given to LEO; 08/03/2004 – Columb
ia County SO, NVDL; 02/04/2004 – PCSO, False ID Given to LEO, DWLSR, Prob Viol; 08/13/2003 – PCSO, DWLSR, False ID Given to LEO, VOP Florida Parole Commission; 06/24/2003 – PCSO, DWLSR, Poss Drug Para, Poss Drugs w/o Prescription; 06/06/2001 – PCSO, Grand Theft (Vehicle), Fail to Obey LEO Stop; 05/10/2001 – FHP, Fleeing to Elude, Theft Vehicle; 04/08/2001 – Lakeland PD, Agg Assault with Deadly Weapon, Agg Battery; 11/11/1999 – Lake Wales PD, Prob Viol,, Prob Viol; 02/24/1999 – Lakeland PD, Grand Theft Vehicle, Agg Fleeing to Elude, Resist LEO, NVDL; 10/13/1997 – PCSO – JV Charges, Escape; 10/13/1997 – PCSO – JV Charges, Vehicle Theft; 08/07/1997 – PCSO – JV Charge, Escape; 11/15/1995 – PCSO – JV Charge, Vehicle Theft, Agg Battery LEO, Escape; 07/06/1996 – Lakeland PD, Burglary.

“Higgins is a lawless thug. If anyone needs any evidence of the destruction that results from so-called nonviolent drug use, this is it. Methamphetamine and other drugs destroy people, families, and communities. And it often hurts innocent people who have nothing to do with the drug. Our hearts and prayers go out to Mr. Cairnes and his family and to Mr. Davis and his family. We will do everything we can to hold Higgins accountable for this tragedy.” Grady Judd, Sheriff

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