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Haines City Man Accused Of Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment For Allegedly Keeping Woman Locked In Room

Haines City, florida – A Haines City Man was arrested by the Polk County Sheriffs Office after a female victim alleges she was sexually battered and held against her will in a padlocked room for over a month.

On December 3rd, the Polk County Sheriffs Office was contacted by the victim, who had escaped during the night from the residence on Orchid Road and told police that she had been held in a locked room, sexually battered, stabbed in the leg and threatened with a gun by the suspect, Bertin Ocampo.

The victim stated that Ocampo would allegedly lock her in a room in the garage from approximately 5AM until 6PM daily and that when she was let out; she would have to stay with the suspect.

The victim had two black eyes from allegedly being struck by the suspect, visible bruises and two small puncture wounds on her left leg which recent and were allegedly caused by the suspect stabbing her with a small knife. The victim also stated that the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at her head and that she was if fear for her life.

While speaking about the sexual battery, the victim claimed the suspect forced her to have sex several times during the past month and that she saved the bloody bed sheet from the last assault.

During the victim’s interview, the victim told police that the room she was in also contained a blue safe which she alleged contained methamphetamine and cash and an AK-47 on the wall of the room. The victim stated that she would sometimes be given money from the safe to take upstairs to a third party and that the last time she carried approximately $15,000 cash to that person.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant for the residence on Orchid Road and made contact with three individuals, identified as 26 year old Ericka Dominguez, 22 year old Frank Gonzalez and 25 year old Juan Cortez Moreno who all consented to a search of the residence.

A search of the garage apartment revealed an AK-47 assault rifle, a semi-automatic pistol and a partial .22 caliber rifle. A safe in the garage apartment was search and a Tupperware container in the safe contained over 200 grams of a white crystallized substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

A search of a downstairs bedroom in the main residence also contained a safe and contents of the safe contained an undisclosed large amount of US currency.

After the search was completed, suspect Bertin Ocampo was interviewed by investigators using a Spanish-speaking translator and admitted that the contents of both safes were his and were proceeds from drug sales. The suspect admitted that he purchases methamphetamine by the ounce and usually purchases approximately 4-8 ounces at a time to sell.

During the interview, Bertin Ocampo allegedly revealed that there was 5 ounces of methamphetamine still in his truck that had been towed and that is was located in the rear center console.

Investigators discovered a large amount of methamphetamine still in the truck, along with several small baggies containing smaller amounts for sale. Also recovered was a digital scale, a fully loaded Ruger .357 revolver and a Ruger semi-automatic pistol.

Suspect Bertin Ocampo was charged with 4 counts of sexual battery, Domestic Violence/Aggravated Battery w/ a Deadly Weapon, Domestic Violence/Battery Touching or Striking, Domestic Violence/False Imprisonment, Domestic Violence/Aggravated Assault W/O Intent, Failure to Appear for Driving while License Suspended or Revoked 2nd Conviction, Possession of a Vehicle Known to Traffic Drugs, Possession of Firearm During a Felony, Manufacturing w/ Intent to Sell, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Trafficking, and Possession of Cocaine.

A NEBBIA hold was place on the suspect as well, which is used by the courts to allow them to scrutinize any bond posted for the suspect to determine if any of the money used for the bond is legally obtained and not part of any drug money or other illegally obtained funds.

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