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Winter Haven Woman Faces Aggravated Manslaughter Charges After Striking Elderly Woman With Dementia

baxterWinter Haven, Florida – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Linda Baxter on October 27, 2016 in connection to the death of 70 yr. old Patricia Baxter. The victim was the ex-mother in law of Linda Baxter.

According to an arrest affidavit furnished by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office an altercation occurred between Linda Baxter and Patricia Baxter on October 11, 2016. Patricia Baxter the victim was diagnose with dementia 2 years ago. As a result of the dementia , Patricia Baxter would get angry and frustrated , and at times become “physical” with others around. On October 11th an altercation occurred between Tiffany Baxter (Linda Baxter daughter & Patricia Baxter’s granddaughter) who was living with Patricia Baxter & her grandfather Edward Baxter. The altercation became physical when Patricia Baxter became physical. Tiffany Baxter advised she allegedly bear hugged her grandmother and eventually Patricia Baxter calmed down. Tiffany Baxter called her mother, Linda Baxter, to come over and get her dog.

When Linda Baxter arrived she was allegedly confronted by Patricia Baxter. That confrontation also ended up in a physical altercation. Tiffany Baxter told deputies that she allegedly heard her mother tell Patricia Baxter “if you want to hit someone hit me”.  Tiffany Baxter would go on to say that Patricia Baxter allegedly began flailing her arms and struck Linda a couple of times. According to Tiffany Baxter she allegedly saw her mom slap her granny on the left side of the head. She advised Patricia Baxter first swayed to the left and then to the right, falling and striking her head on the couch.

When detectives interviewed Linda Baxter she allegedly acknowledged that Patricia Baxter has dementia. Linda Baxter acknowledged that Patricia Baxter would become physical at times when she was angry. Linda Baxter allegedly stated to detectives if you engage Patricia, the aggression becomes worse, but if you walk away Patricia will forget she is mad and calm down. When detectives questioned Linda Baxter she told multiple stories about what occurred. In one version Linda Baxter allegedly advised she never hit Patricia Baxter.

After the altercation Timothy Baxter, Patricia Baxters son and the ex-husband of Linda Baxter, visited his mother and noticed blood by her ear. Patricia Baxter allegedly told Timothy that Linda had hit her. Timothy contacted Linda Baxter who text him back saying ” what r u talkin about she knocked the shit out of me and tiffany.  I hit her just like desi did”. The “desi” who is being referred to is another granddaughter of Patricia Baxter. Timothy Baxter spent the day with his mother, Patricia Baxter, and she appeared fine. Timothy Baxter took is mother to church that night. Patricia Baxter began to have severe headaches and vomited. Patricia Baxter was taken to Winter Haven Hospital and was unresponsive. A CAT scan revealed a brain bleed on the left side of Patricia’s head and a mid-line shifting of her brain. Patricia was flown to Tampa General Information. When detectives made contact with TGH medial staff they were advised that Patricia Baxter was 99% brain dead and not expected to survive. Detectives observed bruising to the top portion of Patricia’s left ear and bruising behind her left ear. There was a small cut inside her ear also. On October 14, 2016 Patricia Baxter passed away.

An autopsy was performed on the victim and it was determined the victim died from a Subdural Hematoma and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage of the brain due to blunt impact to the head.

Linda Baxter was taken into custody for Aggravated Manslaughter Of An Elderly Person/Disabled Person. Baxter was released on $30,000 bail.

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