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Alleged Grand Theft Auto & DUI Suspect Threatens To Kill Deputy Sheriff & Allegedly Assaulted Polk Fire Rescue Paramedic

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office on May 24 arrested 20 yr old Milo Pemberton. He was involved in a vehicle crash and while being treated he became combative. During the course of the investigation it was alleged that Pemberton assault both law enforcement and emergency response personnel

The following is a long exerpt from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office affidavit and (It should be noted that this is an unedited, but redacted, report of facts, by the PCSO. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions) :

“On 05/24/24 at approximately 0638 hours, I responded to the area of Florida Ave S and Shepherd Rd, Lakeland in reference to a vehicle crash with unknown injuries that was being received by Live911.

Prior to my arrival, D/S Billek #9491 arrived on scene and took primary on the traffic crash investigation.

Upon arrival, I made contact with D/S Billek and assisted him in the traffic crash investigation. While on scene, I observed Polk County Fire/EMS rendering aid to one of the drivers (later identified as Milo Pemberton). I was requested to stand by with Polk County Fire/EMS due to Pemberton being irate and verbally combative. Pemberton began to calm down and was escorted to the rear of Polk County Fire Rescue Ambulance #2 by Polk County EMS/Fire personnel.

Milo Pemberton

A short time later, I was requested by Medic #1 to assist with Pemberton due to his behavior in the rear of the ambulance. D/S Billek and I responded to the rear of ambulance #2. Upon entering, I observed Firefighter/Paramedic (Medic) #2 attempting to restrain Pemberton who had removed the gurney restraints. Medic #2 advised Pemberton stated “You don’t know if I have a gun” and “I have a gun.” Medic #2 advised Pemberton began to reach into his pants. Medic #2 advised he was placed in fear of imminent danger due to Pemberton’s statements. Medic #2 believed Pemberton had a firearm as Pemberton appeared to be reaching for one. Medic #2 advised to he attempted to restrain the subject until law enforcement could assist further.

Due to Pemberton’s threats of a firearm, D/S Billek conducted a search of his person. During this search, an unopened “BuzzBallz Chiller” was located in Pemberton’s pocket. BuzzBallz Chillers are alcoholic beverages that have a 15% alcohol content by volume. At the time of this incident, Pemberton was 20 years old.

Due to Pemberton’s actions, Medic #2 began to apply soft restraints to Pemberton’s wrists. D/S Billek and I assisted by keeping the subject on the gurney as he continued to move around and attempt to get off the gurney. During this time, D/S Billek and I gave multiple verbal commands for Pemberton to stop moving around and to lay still on the gurney. I maintained control of Pemberton’s upper body and left arm. As Medic #2 began to apply a soft restraint to Pemberton’s left arm, Pemberton grabbed my right wrist with his right hand and attempted to remove it from his person. I immediately ordered Pemberton to let me go as he continued to push my arm away. I was able to remove my wrist from Pemberton’s grasp and handcuffs were applied in lieu of the soft restraints.

I exited the ambulance and entered my agency issued marked patrol vehicle to follow Ambulance #2 to the hospital. Prior to leaving the scene, Medic #1 exited the ambulance again and advised Pemberton was able to remove his right wrist from the handcuff. I re-entered the ambulance to reapply the handcuff. While reapplying the handcuff, Pemberton moved his head towards me rapidly while yelling. Due to his actions, I believed Pemberton was attempting to head-butt me and I had to move to prevent this from occurring. After applying the handcuff, Pemberton continued to try and head-butt me while saying “When I get out of jail, I will kill you.” I placed my left hand on Pemberton’s chest and pushed him away from me and told him to stop. Pemberton continued to threaten to kill me after leaving jail but no longer attempted to head-butt me.

Ambulance #2 began to transport Pemberton to the hospital due to injuries from the crash and medical clearance for the jail.

In the area of Old Hwy 37 and Oak Ln, Lakeland, ambulance #2 activated their emergency lights and pulled over to the side of Old Hwy 37. Medic #1 exited the driver seat and advised Pemberton was actively fighting in the rear of the ambulance. As Medic #1 opened the rear door, I observed Pemberton kick Medic #2 multiple times. I entered the ambulance and assisted with restraining Pemberton while Medic #2 began to obtain items for chemical sedation.

I observed Medic #2 deploy one medication into the left buttocks of Pemberton. As Medic #2 was about to deploy the second medication, I observed Medic #2 remove the needle cap and move towards Pemberton. When Medic #2 got near Pemberton, I observed Pemberton grab Medic #2 left wrist (which held the uncapped needle) and begin to pull on it. Due to the uncapped needle and the struggle between Medic #2 and Pemberton, I immediately deployed my agency issued Taser (S/N: X1200EW5X) via a drive stun technique for a full five second cycle into the abdomen of Pemberton while giving him commands to release Medic #2’s wrist. While the cycle was being applied, Pemberton grabbed my right hand and the Taser with his right hand. Pemberton began pulling on both in an attempt to remove the Taser from his abdomen. I gave Pemberton multiple verbal commands to let go of my hand and Taser. During the five second cycle, Pemberton released his grasp on Medic #2. After the five second cycle, Pemberton let go of my hand and no longer attempted to resist.

Ambulance #2 transported Pemberton to Bartow Regional Medical Center for medical clearance.

During the course of this investigation, D/S Billek learned the vehicle (black 2021 Jeep Compass bearing FL Tag #DAGC62) being operated by Pemberton prior to the crash was owned by REDACTED (friend of Pemberton). REDACTED advised D/S Billek she did not give Pemberton permission to take or drive the vehicle and wanted to press charges. The vehicle was valued at $10,000.

During the course of this investigation, D/S Billek and I were wearing our agency issued Class B uniforms with silver “Deputy Sheriff” badges affixed to the front, insignia patches on both arms, and agency issued duty belts clearly identifying us as law enforcement officers. Medic #2 was wearing his agency issued uniform which consisted of a Polk County Fire/EMS shirt with “Firefighter” on the front and BDU style pants, which clearly identified him as a firefighter.

Pemberton was arrested and charged with Battery on Law Enforcement Officer (two counts), Battery on a Paramedic/Firefighter, Aggravated Assault on a Paramedic/Firefighter, Assault on Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting an Officer with Violence, Resisting an Officer without Violence (two counts), Corruption by Threat, Grand Theft – Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Alcohol by Person under 21. Pemberton was medically cleared by Bartow Medical Center and transported to Polk County Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff’s Processing Center without further incident.

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