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Man Charged With Aggravated Assault With A Weapon, Resisting Arrest With Violence & More In Lakeland Incident

On August 27, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested Ricky Allen, DOB: 1/20/1968, on multiple charges, stemming from an incident in Lakeland. According to the rest affidavit, Mr. Allen showed up at a woman’s residence and was screaming and waving around a gun. Deputies arrived, and ultimately Ricky Allen went to jail. b

Below as a partial unedited, but redacted affidavit. The Daily Ridge chooses to give you the affidavit when possible. This information is facts, but those facts are up to interpretation in a court of law. He’s suspect is considered innocent until proven guilty.

Here’s the Affidavit:

“On August 27, 2023, at approximately 0839 hours, I was dispatched to a disturbance with a firearm call. Upon my arrival, I made contact with VICTIM1, the reportee/victim, and WITNESS, the witness. I learned fromVICTIM1 that Ricky Allen, the suspect was in her driveway outside of the front gate yelling and waving a firearm in the air. VICTIM1 stated that she could not hear what Ricky was saying due to the distance.WITNESS stated that she was on the front porch and saw Ricky waving a handgun in the air and yelling.

After speaking with VICTIM1, deputies responded next door to REDACTED. I met with VICTIM2, the victim. I learned from VICTIM2 that Ricky drove by and pointed a firearm at him.

While speaking with VICTIM2, Ricky Allen returned to REDACTED. Deputies responded to make contact with Ricky. Ricky refused to listen to any of the deputies’ commands. The suspect got out of the vehicle with an unknown item in his hand. After several commands to drop the item and show his hands, the suspect dropped the item/shirt. Deputies attempted to place the suspect into handcuffs. The suspect was passive and actively resistant, The suspect was pulling away and kicking at deputies. The suspect struck me in the left leg. Deputies escorted the suspect to the ground to place him into handcuffs.

After handcuffing the suspect, I located a plastic bag with two baggies inside with a crystal-like substance in his front left pocket. The crystal-like substance in the two plastic baggies was tested with a NARK #15 which showed a presumptive positive field test for Methamphetamine.

VICTIM1, VICTIM2, And WITNESS signed and completed a written sworn RPO statement insert form.

The Suspect was arrested and charged with Battery on Law Enforcement, Display/Exhibit firearm, Poss of Meth, Poss of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist with Violence, Resist without Violence, and Aggravated Assault with firearm.

Ricky was transported to the Polk County Processing Center.”

The address of the incident is not being reported as the victims fall under Marsy’s Law.

Editors Note: We don’t know exactly how his face got that way. May have been prior to arrest or he was resisting and may have occurred during the arrest.

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