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Writers on the Ridge: “Keep It Magical: Wanderlove” by Melony & Kevin Kiloren

An Open Book

by Melony Kiloren

Those of us who believe in love, and aren’t afraid to speak, often become targets of those who doubt,

and are accused of being weak. Some claim that strength is only found, in the solitary life, and that doing everything thing alone,

is not a source of strife. Yet even though in solitude,

I found my inner worth. I knew alone was not the way,

God planned my life on Earth. After healing, after growth,

and after letting go. The ability to trust again,

was the next thing I felt grow. A trust in life, a trust in fate,

and a renewed trust in me, led to me believing I’d find a love, with reciprocity. Every step I took and choice I made, showed me the way to go. The path He’d clearly paved for me, was suddenly aglow. On it I found a love so deep,

that I knew it with one look. Another soul unafraid and willing, to be an open book.

Again and Again

by Kevin Kiloren

I decided after giving it all and losing it all to give it my all once again and again. I didn’t care how many times I lost or failed I was never going to lose my best friend.

That friend I found in the mirror every time I looked around and no one could be found. That friend I found when I was on my bended knee praying answers would come around. That friend got me through everything I had been through I was always right there. Deep inside I still longed for a love story I could live out a beautiful life to share. Step by step I wrote away the pain and the hardships I healed through written words. I went and chased my dreams to most who knew me it seemed so ridiculous and absurd. Sometimes I’d take baby steps forward then bigger steps then I’d get knocked back. My dreams started all coming true after I was saved after dying from a heart attack. Those little steps led me to better places every failure was one new beginning. That’s when we stepped into each other’s lives Keeping It Magical now we’re spinning. It’s the choices we make along the way that paved the road for our story to unfold. I’ve found my forever lover chasing my dreams along the winding beautiful broken roads.


About The Authors

Melony lost her sister to suicide. Kevin lost his son to a drug overdose. Both of them suffered abusive relationships, divorce, and heartbreak. Both wrote poetry to communicate and cope with their feelings. Their writing brought them together, and now they have combined their collective work into “Keep It Magical: Wanderlove”, a story about finding love after a life of depression and heartbreak. For more information about “Keeping It Magical”, visit their website at: https://keepingitmagical.com. Or visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/keepingitmagical

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