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Four men and a teen arrested by Polk County Sheriff’s Office for possessing child pornography

Detectives from the Computer Crimes Unit at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested four men and a teenager for possession of child pornography after investigators received tips on the suspects’ computer activity. The detectives were assisted by the PCSO Vice Unit and Technical Service Unit in the investigation.

The tips were provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

The five suspects arrested were:

Timothy Ahearn, 64, from Lakeland

Possession of Child Pornography (F2, 141 counts, Enhanced)

Ryan Murray, 32, from Lakeland

Possession of Child Pornography (F3) and Promote Sexual Performance by a Child (F2)

Prior Criminal History: Charged by PCSO in 2012 and convicted in 2014 for possession of child pornography (40 counts, enhanced), and served seven years of a ten year sentence in Florida State Prison.

Eric Lewis, 38, from Davenport

Possession of Child Pornography (F2, 37 counts, Enhanced), Possession of Methamphetamine (F3), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (M1)

Prior Criminal History: Charged by FDLE in 2015 for possession of child pornography (10 counts) and convicted. He served six months in jail and was put on probation for 53 months.

Judiel Gonzalez, 61, from Lakeland

Possession of Child Pornography (F2, 15 Counts, Enhanced), Possession of Marijuana (M1), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (M1)

Giovanny Hernandez, 16, from Haines City

Possession of Child Pornography (F2, 36 counts, Enhanced)

“When our detectives receive tips from NCMEC, they tenaciously go after the suspects, build a solid case, and get them locked up as quickly as possible. Two of these men have already served time in prison and jail for possession of child pornography—here they are again, actively participating in the abusive child pornography industry—fueling the current and future sexual abuse of young children. We will do everything we can to make sure these deviant suspects are held accountable for their crimes. My message is simple: if you download, trade, create, or share child pornography in Polk County, we will lock you up.” Grady Judd, Sheriff

As part of the investigations, all electronic devices belonging to the suspects were seized by detectives, and will be subjected to further forensic examinations. Any additional child pornography recovered from the devices would result in more charges.

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