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Midtown Medical Integration Brings Non-surgical Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine Clinic to Lakeland

Midtown Medical Integration Brings Non-surgical Pain Management and

Regenerative Medicine Clinic to Lakeland

Lakeland, FL (June 2022) – Midtown Medical Integration, a state-of-the-art regenerative medical clinic is now open at 1828 Florida Ave S., Lakeland, FL 33803. At Midtown Medical Integration, Founder Dr. David Choate and his team of regenerative medical experts focus on holistic healing and restoration of injured or damaged joints, ligaments, tendons, and other anatomical tissues without the use of steroids and opioids or having to endure numerous surgical procedures.

Through a multifaceted approach to alternative care, at Midtown Medical Integration patients can receive ultrasound-guided injections for joint pain, trigger point injections, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, regenerative cellular tissue product injections, massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, weight loss, and many other remedial treatments for overall healing.

“Our ultimate goal at Midtown Medical Integration is to bring an unmatched level of care to our patients who are looking for pain management options that don’t include invasive surgeries or the use of narcotics or addictive medications,” says Dr. Choate. “From arthritis and musculoskeletal pain to sports injuries and damaged or injured tissues, and everything in between, we are an all-in-one therapeutic center. We walk our patients through the entire healing process, from initial assessment, to treatment, and aftercare.”

At Midtown Medical Integration, patients suffering from inflammation and pain in their knees, hips, lower back, shoulders, joints, hands, feet, cartilage, and anywhere in between are eligible for treatment. All treatments are non-invasive and offered on-site. Dr. Choate and his team are confident that their personalized approach to restorative medicine will improve patients’ quality of life and allow them to enjoy activities they may have had to forego in the past due to pain and discomfort. Many appointments are offered same-day, and patients can resume normal activities after their treatments with no downtime.

“Our approach is unique because we walk our patients through customized therapies that involve a full-service approach,” says Dr. Choate. “We don’t simply provide a quick fix shot and then send our patients on their way. We start by identifying their most prominent issues, confirming those with diagnostic imaging, and then working with our team to recommend a holistic plan. This may include starting a regimen with plant-based nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory injections that reduce irritation and pain in a particular area. Then, we may utilize PRP therapy, regenerative cellular tissue injections, massage therapy, physical therapy, and/or chiropractic care simultaneously to achieve optimal outcomes.”

For patients who have been told that surgery is their only option for attaining a life free of chronic pain, they should consider an evaluation for safe and natural therapies from Midtown Medical Integration.

“We look forward to working with our patients to find out what their body truly needs to heal from the inside out. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized care so our patients can be on their way to experiencing their best years yet,” says Dr. Choate.

Take the first step towards healing with a FREE no-obligation consultation for new patients, please call (863) 913-1240, or visit http://mmilakeland.com/.

About Midtown Medical Integration

We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about the delivery of traditional health care. Our approach includes fully assessing our patients’ needs, determining their causes of pain and discomfort, and then collaborating together with our team of experts to offer holistic solutions that integrate rehabilitative and regenerative medicine with chiropractic care. Our goal is to offer alternatives to addictive narcotics and joint replacement surgery. 

Midtown Medical Integration is located at 1828 Florida Ave S., Lakeland, FL 33803. For more information, please contact (863) 913-1240, or visit http://mmilakeland.com/.

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