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Florida Man Goes On Alleged Methamphetamine Crime Spree In Lake Wales

Lake Wales, Florida – The Lake Wales Police Department has arrested Alex Rodriguez II, of Sebring, Florida and charged him with grand theft of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a crash without giving information, and burglary of a business. The following is a long exerpt from the Lake Wales Police Department affidavit and specifically (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Lake Wales Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Daily Ridge does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions) :

On 02/04/2022, I responded to the Love’s Travel Stop, located at 17309 Hwy 27, in reference to a grand theft auto. I met with officers already on scene who updated me on what occurred. At the conclusion of my investigation I determined the following:

Witness, REDACTED, was pulling into the parking lot of Love’s at approximately 0400 hours when he
observed a dark colored vehicle parked near Love’s tire service center. This vehicle (tag #REDACTED) was later confirmed to be registered to the defendant, Alex Rodriguez II. REDACTED stated the vehicle accelerated through the parking lot and cut him off, stopping in front of him near pump 1. REDACTED then observed Rodriguez exit the
vehicle and run towards a Love’s work truck, which had just been left unlocked by its driver. Rodriguez then entered the Love’s work truck and quickly accelerated towards the Love’s exit to Hwy 27.

A second witness, REDACTED, said Rodriguez approached him on the north side of Love’s Travel Stop, in a section exclusive to semi-trucks. REDACTED, observed Rodriguez “cut off” another semi-truck driver next to the gas pumps. Rodriguez then told REDACTED someone had been shot in the back seat of his vehicle. REDACTED immediately called law enforcement. REDACTED then observed Rodriguez enter into a Love’s work truck and drive through the parking lot in an unknown direction. Rodriguez therefore did knowingly and intentionally take the Love’s Travel Stop work truck, without permission, and against the will of the Love’s Travel Stop business.

Show-ups were completed and both REDACTED and REDACTED identified Rodriguez as the suspect they observed taking the Love’s Travel Stop work truck.

At approximately 0438 hours, a vehicle crash was reported at Hwy 27/Hwy 60 E on-ramp. Responding officers discovered one of the involved vehicles was the same Love’s work truck stolen from the Love’s Travel Stop.

Rodriguez, while driving the Love’s work truck, struck the rear of victim, semi-truck not realizing his vehicle had been struck, continued east on Hwy 60 until Polk County Sheriff’s Office deputies eventually made contact with him. After fleeing in and crashing the stolen vehicle, Rodriguez did knowingly and intentionally leave the scene of the
traffic crash, without providing information. Rodriguez then walked to Woody’s Barbecue, located at 19501 Hwy 27.

At approximately 0455 hours, officers were advised of an alarm at Woody’s Barbecue. The alarm indicated back dining glass breakage. Officer Ricks responded to the alarm call and immediately located a broken glass door on the north side of the business. Officer Ricks then observed a Hispanic male, wearing blue shorts and no shirt, standing in the middle of the McDonald’s parking lot (416 W Central Ave,) directly east of Woody’s Barbecue. This description matched the description previously provided of the suspect who took the Love’s Travel Stop work truck. The subject was detained and identified as Rodriguez.
I responded to the Lake Wales Police Department and met with Rodriguez. I read Rodriguez his Miranda Rights off my department issued Miranda Rights card. Rodriguez stated he would speak with me Post-Miranda, without an attorney present.

During the interview, Rodriguez stated he had gone to the Love’s Travel Stop. Rodriguez claimed he witnessed a shooting while at the Love’s Travel Stop. Rodriguez stated he then entered a Love’s work truck, which had the keys inside. Rodriguez stated he began driving and was later involved in a
crash involving a semi-truck. Rodriguez confirmed he ran into the back of a semi-truck.

Rodriguez stated he later walked to a restaurant, in the area of where the crash occurred. Rodriguez stated he was supposed to meet an unknown subject at the restaurant to “fight.” Rodriguez advised while at the restaurant, he became thirsty and wanted to get a drink from inside. Rodriguez advised he then used a chair to break the glass door to the business. Rodriguez therefore did knowingly and intentionally attempt to enter or remain in the business with the intent to commit an offense therein. Rodriguez would not advise if he actually
gained entry to the business. Rodriguez then left the business, before being detained by the responding officers.

Throughout Rodriguez’ interview, he made outlandish and far-fetched statements which were later disproved.

These statements gave Rodriguez the appearance of having delusions or being under the influence of illegal narcotics. While completing a vehicle inventory of Rodriguez’ vehicle, Officer Douglas did locate suspected methamphetamine, which could explain Rodriguez’ delusions.

Rodriguez was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of a crash without giving
information, and burglary of a business.

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