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Four-Vehicle Crash In East Polk Leads To Four Dead

Four-Vehicle Crash in East Polk Leads to Four Dead

Three people were killed at the scene of a four-vehicle crash Monday afternoon, December 27, 2021, and a fourth person passed away later that evening from his injuries.

The crash occurred at about 12:02 PM on Lake Hatchineha Road, south of Poinciana, just east of Watkins Road.

Detectives have determined that 35-year old Riquelme Villar-Villalona of Poinciana caused the crash resulting in his death and three others. According to evidence and witness statements collected after the crash, Villar-Villalona’s black 2019 Mazda CX-5 was driving west at a high-rate of speed and struck a black 2016 Ford F-150, also travelling west, in the left, rear quarter-panel and tire. The impact caused the Ford to enter the eastbound lane.

Detectives believe that the Ford then made impact with an eastbound silver 2021 Toyota Tacoma.

After striking the Ford, the Mazda is believed to have gone airborne then struck a gray 2020 Ford Escape, which had been travelling eastbound.

The roof of the Mazda was torn from the car, and Villar-Villalona was ejected and instantly killed.

The 38-year old male driver and a 73-year old female passenger in the Ford Escape were also killed at the scene. The 48-year old male driver of the Toyota Tacoma was transported to a local hospital and passed away from his injuries later that evening.

The other victims and their injuries are as follows:

F-150: 67-year-old female driver, 3-year-old female passenger, 16-year-old female passenger, and 41-year-old female passenger not injured;

Escape: 49-year-old female passenger critical but stable in the hospital; 77-year-old male passenger stable in the hospital;

Tacoma: 19-year-old female passenger treated and released.

Villar-Villalona’s high speed likely resulted from his fleeing the scene where he physically battered and allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend, which was reported at about 11:43 AM. The 9-1-1 caller told emergency personnel in the Emergency Communications Center that a man (later determined to be Villar-Villalona) was beating up a woman and forced her into a black Mazda. The caller told the telecommunicator that “if you do not stop them I believe he’s gonna kill her I am dead serious Please have someone stop that vehicle she was bleeding.” He said the vehicle was headed away from the area on Marigold Avenue.

Detectives responded to a residence in the area of Pine Street and Mackerel Road to investigate the abduction and assault. Detectives later determined that the victim of the assault and abduction (girlfriend) was dropped off on Naples Court, Kissimmee, FL and was then transported to Poinciana Medical Center. She was treated for injuries including a laceration to the face.

Detectives attempted to get information from the victim, but she was uncooperative. They were able to find out that the suspect was her boyfriend.

At approximately 11:58 AM, a PCSO patrol deputy spotted a vehicle matching the suspect vehicle description (Black Mazda, aggravated battery and possible abduction suspect) on Marigold Avenue and attempted a traffic stop, but the vehicle sped away south swerving into the wrong lane of travel. The deputy deactivated his emergency equipment, did not pursue the vehicle, but continued driving in the same direction monitoring his radio for additional information.

Villar-Villalona would then turn west off of Marigold onto Lake Hatchineha Road, where he later struck the 2016 Ford F-150 which caused the crash. The deputy who attempted the traffic stop later came upon the crash, reported it, and began rendering aid to the crash victims.

“Had Villar-Villalona survived the crash, he would have been charged with abduction and aggravated battery charges for the first event, and numerous charges for the crash, the worst of which being three counts of vehicular homicide.” – Grady Judd, Sheriff

The crash investigation is ongoing.

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